Stock Show


Fine Exhibits Displayed and Large Crowd Attends.

June 10, 1913

Dazey's Third Annual Stock show was pulled off last Friday and was a success in every particular. There was a larger number of entries than at any previous show and a larger crowd attended than ever before.

As the object of the show is to encourage the raising of better stock in this vicinity all entries were restricted to pure bred sires.

Every farmer and stock raiser should make an effort to raise better stock and this stand taken by those in charge of the show was a wise move.

The day's events were pulled off in the order advertised and all in attendance enjoyed a fine time.

The following persons entered the winning stock: 

Class 1-Grade Draft Horses: Lot 1-Two year olds, 1st. Ole Anderson, 2nd. R.S. Henderson, 3rd. E.J. Mosher, 4th. Oscar Mosher. There were 5 entries in this class. Lot 2-One year olds, 1st. Oscar Mosher, 2nd. Christ Jensen, 3rd. B.J. Sad, 4th. Harry Hanson. There were ten entries in this class. Lot 3-Foals, 1st. W.H. Osborne, 2nd. Harry Hanson, 3rd. C.I. Knutson, 4th. C.I. Knutson. There were 10 entries in this class. Lot 1-Team in Harness, 1st. H.P. Bryn, 2nd. Mrs. Eva Curtis, 3rd. Matt Dreis. There were 4 entries in this class. Sweepstakes was won by Ole Anderson.

Class 2-Beef Cattle: Lot 5-Cow and calf, 1st. Matt Dreis. Lot 6-Yearling, 1st. Martin Hanson. Lot 7-Calves, 1st Matt Dreis Sweepstakes was won by Martin Hanson.

Class 3-Dairy Cattle: Lot 8-Cow and calf, 1st. L.S. Hammer-smith, 2nd. W.H. Osborne, 3rd. L.S. Hammersmith. Lot 9-Yearling heifers. 1'st. Severin Sorenson, 2nd. L.S. Hammersmith, 3rd. L.S. Hammersmith. Lot 10-Heifer calves, 1st. Severin Sorenson. Sweepstakes was won by L.S. Hammersmith.

Audrey Mosher, Mrs. Fred Mosher, Isabelle Loberg, Gladys Mosher during Dazey a 55th Anniversary in 1987:

The Governor visits Dazey in 1940. Reuben Berg, Gove. John Moses, Fred Manner, and Harry Ladbury.

Source:  Our Heritage Dazey, North Dakota 1883 - 1983 Page 93

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