Photo left Standing: Mrs. Quick & baby, Mrs. Oglesby, ?, Mrs. Launch, Mae Stee. Seated: ?, ?, Melvin Quick, Helen Launch, Jennie Lausch, Lula. Owens, Rachel Oglesby, Edna Launch, Gertrude Launch. On ground: Clifford Quick, Archie Owens, and Phillip Quick.

Photo below Chas. Rasmusson, George Rasmusson, Ole Oppegard, Caroline Rasmusson, 1909.

Photo middle left Pete Skjarbak and William Rogne.

Photo to left Katie Stanley, Palmer Christenson, Tena Mickelson, Beatta Jacobson, Beaumont Stowman, Eva Stowman.

Mr. & Mrs. Hans Strande and daughters, Inez and Ruth and their cousin.

O. T. Olson and Carl Ogelsby.

Nicholai Swenson family in 1918 Cadillac.

Mr. & Mrs. D.N. Anderson, 1916.

Photo middle left Mrs. George Ecker and daughter, Eleanor in front of 1918 Model T. Ford.

Photo above Fairy Marrs, Signe Mattson, Carne Anderson, Helena Pederson, 1918.

Photo left A. J. McInnes, T. B. Torguson, April 8, 1919

Mignon, Osborne, Helen Krueger.

Dora Nelson, Vera Osborne, Elsie Stowman, Carrie Anderson, Ruth Olson, Nellie Olson, Geraldine Torguson, Milda Hagglund, Dorothy Jacobson, Henrietta Rasmusson, Evelyn McInnes, Mignon Osborne,

Back row: Hugh McKenzie, Kenneth Colville. Seated: Paul Rasmusson, Edwin Hagglund, Donald Henderson, Erling Nelson.

Harold, Donald and Randolph Oppegard, 1927.

Martha King, Eleanor Schneider.

Joe, Richard and John Wieland, 1920.

Christ Knutson family.

Myrle Goheen Christenson, Constance Chapman, Stella Fosmo Herum.

Photo above Elmer Osuff, Lars Heart, Simon Holme, and Gust Holme.

Photo left Grandma Sigrud Rondestvedt, Doris, Gladys, Bernard, Minnie Rondestvedt holding Signe, and John Rondestvedt.

Louise and Mary Gruman.

Cliff Colville, Percy Torguson, Helmer Christenson.

Professor William MacDonald.

Photo above right Mrs. Herman Bryn and grand-daughter Clara McKean.

Photo right At Summer School: Milda Hagglund Ueland, Audrey Bender Kling.

Pat Owens, Peder Antonson, seated George Rasmusson.

St. Mary's baseball team in 1928. [left to right. ] Back: Hugo Wieland [catcher], Ed Lausch [fielder], William Wieland [pitcher], Alfons [Dutch] Riedman [3rd base]. Middle: Bernard Amann [fielder], Richard Wieland [1st base], Ernest Lausch [fielder]. Front: Harry Schwenger [shortstop], and Joe Wieland [second base].

Maurice Mosher, Edward Ose, Kermit Mosher, Martin Sorenson, Roy Sorenson [catcher], Guy Vaughn. Nels Ose [at bat].

Paul, Howard and Robert Rasmusson.

Girls Basketball 1929-1930. Back: Mabel Christopherson and Coach M. J. Peterson. Middle: Minnie Schwenger, Erlene Thorgrimson, Helen Welter. Front: Elizabeth Diehl, Frances Olson, Eleanor Torguson, Julia Emerson.

Stella Quick, Gladys Rondestvedt, Ida Emerson, Phyllis Krantz, Dagmar Thorgrimson, Beatrice Sad, Margaret Sad, Ada Larson, Lucille Olson.

Lorraine Stowman, Gertrude Owens, Betty Larson, Ethel Oppegard, Margaret Rasmusson.

Leland, Roy, Marjorie, Clifford and William Mosher, 1933.

Standing: Myna Ann and Lorraine Stowman. Leo Stowman and Charles Stowman.

Jessie Quick, Carne Johnson, Grace Langdahl, in front of the bandstand.

Jonas Sad Jr. Jonas Sad Sr. Roger Sad, 1940.

Herman and Veronica Amann.

Sad Boys - Richard, Jonas, Fred and Roger.

Annie Rasmussen, Dora Quick, Henrietta Rasmusson and Ruth Quick, 1987.

Mary Torguson, Helen Bender, Caroline Rasmusson, Beulah Glesner, Geraldine Robbins, Belle Glesner, Clarice Oppegard, Mathea Bryn, Marion Berg.

Wedding of Theresa Amann and Andrew Wachter in 19.40. Hilda Wieland, Cecelia Wieland, Theresa, Andrew, Herman Amann, Rudolph Eberle. Flower girl is Gertrude Amann.

Parish picnic in 1951 at the tree claim. Front: Mary Amann, Hank Amann, Gebhard Amann, Karl Burkhart Sr. Back: Alfons Eberle, Hugo Wieland, Rudy Eberle, Joe Riedman, Herman Amann, Walter Amann, Mathilda Wieland, Alfons Riedman, Anna Kappler, Theresa Amann, Helen Amann, Bill Wieland, Maria Berger, Josephine Eberle, Louise Burkhart.

Class Picnic 1954 - Back: B. Sorenson, R. Hammer, D. Anderson, J. Hare, B. Berge, K. Tombarge, M. Hammer. Middle: C. Jacobson, N. Dwyer, J. Rondestvedt, A. Mohr. Front: T. Sorenson, G. Peterson, G. Quick, L. Jorissen.

Beaumont "Stub" Stowman, Ralph Quick, and Melvin Quick.

Clara and Warren Taylor.

Kay, Louie, George, Joe and John Amann - Dazey School Band members 1957.

Football stars: Chuck Jacobson, Lyle Broten, Grover Peterson, Neil Dwyer, Tom Berge, Neil Jacobson.

Standing: Keith Oppegard and Danny Sorenson. L-R, Gary Hare, Margaret Gladys Berg, Hannah Schnur, Minnie Emerson. Mc Cay, Jane 11 Oppegard, Peggy Sorenson, Nancy Sorenson, Diane Bryn, Mark Sorenson, Jon Hare, Esther Oppegard, 1960.

Randolph, Elmer, Elton, John, Hollis and Harold Oppegard.

Frank Schnur, Tony Berg, Martin Berg, Harry Emerson.

Birthday Party for Anna Nolen.

Chester, Jennie, and Ronnie Wallum, 1957 Silver Wedding.

Jean Tharaldson, Bonnie Dion, Cheryl Rohde, Greg Quick, Jim Hare, Daryl Anderson and Keith Oppegard in 1961.

Mrs. Marie Berger and "Red" Joe Kunze.

Albert and Johanna Tolstad's Golden Wedding, 1981.

Wendy Reidman, Barnes County Dairy Princess, 1982.

Anton and Margaret Rausch, 1972, Golden Wedding.

Standing: Henry Bergen. Seated Marie Bergen holding Jason and Joe Bergen.

Dean Catkins, left, congratulates and thanks Joe Mueller for many years of service to Dazey Township, 1981.

Alfans and Mary Riedman, Golden Wedding, 1982.

First home for the Herman Bryn family upon homesteading in 1898.

John Somo and Herman Bryn's stud cart.

The Sever Tolstad farm in 1905.

The Kunze brothers threshing machine in about 1910. August Kunze was the engineer standing on the rear wheel of the engine and Robert seated in the buggy.

The Alois Kunze farmstead in 1916.

Threshing days on the Henry Nelson farm in 1917. Note the horse drawn Standard Oil wagon of W.E. Osborne.

Threshing on the George Rasmusson farm.

Minnie Undem and Emma Christen-son, cook car in the rear during threshing in 1918.

Haying in 1917. Nels Ose at the top of the hayrack.

Isaac Waters.

Barn on the W. E. Osborne farm.

The round barn on the Hans Christensen farm southeast of Dazey.

George Rasmusson farm hone built in 1910-11.

Farming with horses in 1925-Hans Christensen.

The Gottlieb Weller homestead.

The Herman Aynann farm in 1989.

McCormick-Deering binders on the Wieland farm in 1940.

Minneapolis Moline combine pulled by horses in about 1940 on the Cecil Muncy farm.

Harvest on the John Wieland farm in about 1941. The men took pride in stacking bundles the highest on the bundle rack.

The farmstead of Axel Svenningson.

The George Kelly farmstead.

The Helmer Christenson farm, SCD winner in 1955.

The Ervin Frahm farm.

The Julius Berge farm.

The Henry Amann farm, SDC winner in 198.

The barn on the Olaf Broten farm.

Harvest on the Bryn Farm in 1979.

Plowing on the Doug Quick farm in 1980.

The barn destroyed by tornado in 1974 on the Martin Haugen farm.

Hugo Wieland farm in Ashtabula Township.

Source:  Our Heritage Dazey, North Dakota 1883 - 1983 Page 99

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