To begin with, I want to thank everyone that has provided photographs and other information and also the people from the National Archives, the Land Survey Office, and the museums (photo archives).  In addition, I want to acknowledge those of my family including Jens Brönstad who have helped and given an incredible amount of assistance and also Björn Lekedal who worked with his computer and prepared the index. 

Thanks, all of you!

As you will notice, the history is incomplete for many families, largely because there is not much information to be found about those on small farms.

Furthermore, I have not found many records for the relatives on the Norwegian side and I have not yet had the opportunity to travel to Trondheim to do research. 

I also want to acknowledge Reidar Prestmo for his help concerning the Norwegian branch.  He informed me of the families of Brita and Samuel Ridderberg and of Nils Essing’s daughter, Agnes, who moved to Norway.  He has done excellent work and his information has been very helpful.

I also want to apologize for any mistakes that may have been made.  I hope that they will be corrected in books that may be coming out later, which for my part I hope happens.  Any future books will include many immigrants that I hope can still be traced.  I have been fortunate to make contact with some of them, while others have been harder to trace.  With a little luck, I hope that I will get a few more histories both from Norwegian families and from American families.

Hi from me

Inger Jonssön Qvarnström


BRÄCKE TRYCKERI KB 1996 (Publisher)