Petrus “Per” Edberg

Table 5 (29)

Petrus "Per" Edberg3, Kerstin Randklef2, Agnis Nilsdotter1 & Måns Essing1


Petrus "Per" Edberg












Nov 10, 1776



Ingeborg Jönsdotter 







Dec 1819



Kerstin Persdotter 


Jan 11, 1788





Feb 4, 1869


Inger’s note on Petrus "Per" Edberg:  He lived in Edsasen.

Kerstin was very poor and she received assistance for the poor in 1856 while she lived in Skalfjället.  She also received assistance for the poor in 1857 and 1858 and was accepted into the Rotehjon[1] in 1860.  Table 22

Edberg sold his farm in the Village of Edsåsen to Pär Ol ofsson of Stamgärde in 1788:

For everyone who sees this contract or hears it read, I {Pär Ol ofsson Edberg of Edsäsen} hereby knowingly release and sell my land and present home on Company Farm No. ___ in the Village of Edsåsen consisting of one-half (½) of a Mantal of Tax Registered Land to farmhand {Pär Olofsson of Stamgiärde}.

The agreed upon purchase amount of seventy-two (72) Riksdaler 32 Specie is to be paid to me in full within 4 years. 

For payment of this purchase amount, I now release this farm to Pär Ol ofsson (and his wife, children, and heirs) and I grant him the right to use and occupy all of the buildings, land, forests, fields, fishing and water mark including sawed portion[2] and the flour mill.

He has the right to occupy it as his legally purchased and lawfully acquired property.  He has ownership rights to it now and for all posterity without objection from any of my relatives or me.

Both last names are signed below to provide additional confirmation and official proof of our promise and it is confirmed in the presence of the undersigned witnesses. 

                        Stamgiärde District Court on February 15, 1788

                        Seller:             Pär Ol ofsson Edberg of Edsåsen


                        Buyer:             Pär Ol ofsson of Stamgiärde


(29)            Witness:             Anders Jöransson of Nyland

                                    Olof Pärsson of Hamre



The buyer and the seller both acknowledged the correctness in their own presence.


Therefore, this Purchase Agreement is legally entered into the Court Judgment Book. 


From Undersåker District Court AII: 35

P.S.  On August 1, 1784, Pehr Ol ofsson Edberg of Edsåsen and Olof Jönsson Wängström of Järpen were elected as Parish officials by a general Parish vote.

Per 0. Edberg purchased a home in Rista from Pehr Nilsson.

The following sales and purchase letter was submitted for legal processing: 

I {Pehr Nilsson of Rista} sell my deed to Company Farm No. 2, consisting of 1 acre of land and a house, to farmer Pehr Ol ofsson Edberg of Edsåsen for his possession and occupancy next spring. 

Edberg has hereby paid 130[3] Riksdaler of the total purchase amount of two hundred sixteen (216) Riksdaler 32 Species, for my subsistence needs. 

The remaining 36 Riksdaler 32 Specie is to be paid to me in October of this year to help support my father {Nils Råå}, the caretaker at the Duved Border Customs Office. 

My father shall receive this money for[4] his Reserved Rights in accordance with his contract of February 10, 1789. 

My wife {Anna Ersdotter} and I shall also receive the following Reserved Rights for the remainder of our lifetimes:

·       A small field near Stormästarbacken[5] including the raft[6] lying around there to the east of the fence

·       cultivation rights to a small grove east of the Company road

·       the fenced field south of the river including an old barn also on it

·       cultivation rights to the cropland in Gunnilwallen and also the barn there

·       the pasture for the cattle that Pehr Nilsson feeds in the wintertime together with Edberg’s cattle, both near, detached from the estate,

·       the right to use the grove as a shelter south of the farm

·       the boat house

·       the mill

·       the right to fetch water from the well

After the death of Pehr Nilsson and his wife, the house and fields that they leased go back to the original owner without compensation. 

Should Pehr Nilsson die before his wife, she shall receive the same Reserved Rights benefits from Edberg including all of the necessary living accommodations, firewood and heat.

We affirm that we are both satisfied with this transaction. 

                        Rista on February 14, 1805

                        Seller:                         Pehr Nilsson of Rista


                        Buyer:                         Pehr Ol ofsson Edberg of Edsåsen


(30}                        Witness:                         Jon Rödlund

                                                Jon Hindriksson of Hålland


Later, both the buyer and seller acknowledged the content in an attached letter dated October 3, 1791, showing who were their designated heirs. 

Nevertheless, it has a reserv ation that the joint heirs should be regarded as the closest entitled for the fixed value of sixty (60) Riksdaler payment in case Pehr Nilsson is unable to keep it. 

Nevertheless, this reserv ation was relinquished[7] once more according to the legal records of January 23, 1800.

Now, according to 4 Chapter 1 of the Common Laws, one-half of Company Farm No. 2 in the Village of Rista consisting of 1 acre,

for Pehr Ol ofsson Edberg for the first time put up for sale[8].

Per 0. Edberg sells his farm in Rista to Jöns Ol ofsson of Rista.

I {Pehr Ol ofsson Edberg} with the agreement and consent of my wife {Ingeborg Jönsdotter} hereby knowingly release and sell this farm to farmer {Jöns Olofsson of Rista}.

This agreement i ncludes all of my ownership rights to Company Farm No. 2 in the Village of Rista, Undersåker Parish consisting of 1 acre of productive land

value cavalry distance below No. 114 from the First Lieutenant Company[9]

The agreed upon purchase amount is two hundred eighty four (284) Riksdaler in national debt money, or one hundred eighty (180) Riksdaler in bank money. 

The first and last part of this total is hereby paid by Jöns Ol ofsson owns[10] to this farm buyer who also is responsible for all of the farms

åtfölder [11] starting from the year 1808 but men became taxed[12].

I {Per Ol ofsson} am also responsible for the years 1808 and 1809. 

It remains the responsibility of the present owner {Jöns Ol ofsson} to provide annual Reserved Rights to the caretaker from Dufed Border Customs Office {Nils Råå}, in accordance with his {Nils Råå} contract of February 10, 1789 from the sale of his ownership rights to this farm.

In addition, Reserved Rights are to be given to caretaker {Per Nilsson} and his wife {Anna Eriksdotter} for both of their remaining lifetimes in accordance with the Purchase Agreement of February 14, 1805.

I {Per Ol ofsson} and my dear wife {Ingeborg Jönsdotter} hereby release my ownership rights to Company Farm No. 2 in the Village of Rista including buildings, croplands, meadows, and the remaining fish and fishing rights by whatever name they may be called. 

I also publicly proclaim that Jöns Ol ofsson and his wife and children are the legal and eternal owners. 

Should either the buyer or the seller contest this transaction, the surrendered[13] party shall receive ten (10) Riksdaler compensation. 

It is hereby confirmed with our signatures.

                        Rista on January 13, 1809

                        Seller:                         Per Ol ofsson Edberg

                                                Ingeborg Jönsdotter of Rista


                        Buyer:                         Jöns Ol ofsson of Rista


(31)                        Witness:                        Mårten Ol ofsson of Romo

                                                Swen Hindriksson of Edsåsen

                                                Jon Hindriksson of Hålland


[1] Rotehjon are very poor people who must live for a few weeks at a time with many different families in the district through out the year. These families give them some food, shelter, and clothing.

[2] This phrase makes no sense in English.

[3] 130 + 36 = 166.  Should be 180 + 36 = 216? or 130 + 86 = 216?

[4] in lieu of?  as?

[5] proper name of river?

[6] raft?  They have the benefit of a small field with a raft?  Maybe “with the raft” should be “and the raft” meaning they can uses both the field and possibly need to use the raft to get to the field?

[7] repeated instead of relinquished?  In either case, I don’t understand it?  1800 was about 9 years before these contracts were made.  should it be changed to “the common laws of January 23, 1800”?  Does 4 Chapter 1 in the next paragraph refer to these laws?

[8] we need a lot of help with these last three paragraphs.

[9] What is a cavalry distance?  Who is this First Lieutenant?  Was there a military company permanently located there?  Did the First Lieutenant own the farm?

[10] still doesn’t make good grammatical sense.

[11] follows?

[12]“from the year 1808 but  men became taxed” still makes no sense.

[13] winning party shall receive?  losing party shall pay?