Agnis Edberg

Table 6 (32)

Agnis Edberg3, Kerstin Randklef 2, Agnis Nilsdotter1 & Måns Essing1


Agnis Edberg


June 5, 1747










Mar 29, 1769



Anders Mårtensson 







Feb 16, 1803



Mårten Andersson


Aug 30, 1770


Table 23



Oct 13, 1855



Kerstin Andersdotter


Mar 31, 1774


Table 24



Aug 9, 1858?



Maria Andersdotter


Mar 16, 1776





May 23, 1858?



Ingeborg Andersdotter


Sep 24, 1777





Nov 16, 1777



Anna Andersdotter


Nov 17, 1778





Dec 9, 1778



Märet Andersdotter


Nov 4, 1780


Table 25



Sep 25, 1872



Sara Andersdotter


Apr 26, 1782





July 14, 1871

Helleberg, Alsen


Ingeborg Andersdotter


May 19, 1785





May 19, 1785



Agnis Andersdotter


May 30, 1788


Table 26



Aug 2, 1859



Inger’s note on B2 Agnis Edberg: She lived in Djupsjön, Kall.

Inger’s note on S Anders Mårtensson: He was a settler in Djupsjön after Per Månsson Bergström who first settled there in 1767.

Inger’s note on C7 Sara Andersdotter: She worked as a maid there and was unmarried.


Inger & Nels:

Was the following a court case that pitted:

Nils Jonsson and Per Andersson of Bratteggen and Olof and Nils Andersson of Krok Village and Kall Parish.


Anders Mårtensson (1741-1803),


The Royal Court Judgment in Wästernorrland went against Nils Jonsson and Per Andersson of Bratteggen and Olof and Nils Andersson of Krok Village and Kall Parish. 

They had made an application to become exempt from lease charges for fishing rights on the so-called Djupsjö {Djup Lake}, which was located within the new Royal Government Homestead area in Djupsjö. 



For that reason, the settler on this new homestead in the Royal Government Homestead area, Anders Mårtensson (1741-1803), is heard and he stated that the Royal Court Judgment of well trusted Pehr Lidsten

whose included opinion was depended on,

given at the County Governor Residence in Hernösand on June 4, 1793. 


Because they had relinquished the right to a Special Stipulation from the Royal Government in this written application, they had to pay for fishing rights in Djupsjö.

The owner of the new Royal Government Homestead (Anders Mårtensson 1741-1803) requested that these same fishing rights must now be granted to him. 


Therefore, I find it reasonable that not only from and including this year to release this search for the same fishing rights without a fixed annual payment

Anders Mårtensson is granted the fishing rights with a fixed annual payment until their Royal Government Homestead in Djupsjö becomes placed in the Tax Code Books. 

Then it will be determined if these fish come under the half that the farm was comprised of. 

This Judgment written in this jurisdiction should be peacefully submitted for proper obedience and observation in the Common Laws Books and the Royal Government Records. 

                        Year and Date as above


Later, the new Royal Court Judgment, in accordance with the old Royal Court Judgment of December 7, 1767 concerning Homestead Rights, allowed the Gustav and Karlberg Copper Mining Company to also evict Company Workers Joh. Randklef and Per Bergström from the Villages of Krok and Brattägge.  They were evicted from their new homesteads on the Company Land in Diupsjö, Kall Parish in 1758.

because they did not have the right to work on these new homesteads and buildings

all which and now by this settler afterwards

becomes a good farm by Anders Mårtensson  of Gråsjön {Grå Lake}


for if the new work subsequently becomes discontinued

It is commissioned here on behalf of the Company that the tenants and their heirs may own and occupy these new homesteads for as long as the below written conditions are fulfilled:


1.       The Company retains the ownership rights to the farms, forests and hay land in accordance with the laws and statutes.  From this it follows that the farm, which the Company would not dare to lease without these conditions, may divide these farms and may dispose of them in any manner they desire.

2.       Anders Mårtensson shall be responsible for the lease payment on this new homestead in Diupsjö and for the farm taxes and other liabilities after the tax-free years are finished

3.       In this manner he, together with the other farm residents in the parish, must do day labor hauling according to the lease contract.

4.       After the tax-free years are finished, Anders Mårtensson must either take 8 stigars of coal from Rislegden and Bonäset or the same number of barrels of ore from the Gustav Copper Mining Company to Husän.  He is now and for all posterity released from all taxes and burdens to work under the terms and conditions of this contract.

5.       Anders Mårtensson is to willingly do the necessary work to transport the ore and coal for a reasonable payment.

6.       He must cultivate and improve the farm in a sound manner and in accordance with the law. 

7.       In it later by reasonable division of expenses on the applying of taxes and burdens,
Anders Mårtensson half with work,
but the Tax Appraisal goes for the Company costs. 
In addition, that the costs of Anders Mårtensson in the smaller lawsuit and ceremony are to be able to become necessary.

                        Mo on April 10, 1773

                                                Joh. Gust.  Edelfelt

(33)                                         Anders Mårtensson 1741-1803


On January 23, 1775, it is additionally agreed and recorded that the lease amount shall be 2 pounds of butter, according to the Royal Court Judgment of December 7th of last year,

for the new cottages built at Tverå castle

and by rural[1] and Royal Government Homesteader taken back 

The cottages shall be furnished in such a manner by Anders Mårtensson

that the other paragraphs of this contract of Diupsjö lease earnings

may mo from the above.

Anders Mårtensson (1741-1803 Table 6) had a son named Mårten Andersson (1770-1855 Tables 6 and 23) who had a son named Anders Mårtensson (1804-1804 Table 23) born and died in 1804 and a second son also named Anders Mårtensson 1808-1887 Table 23) who had a son named Mårten Andersson (1829-1905 Table 68). 


On June 19, 1805 the official land surveyors undertook,

by the authority of the County Governor and Noble Knight Er . G. Lindekronas commission of February 12, 1803 and of March 18th of the same year

and the 5 {see below}at the present time,

to survey, inventory and appraise the new homesteads in Djupsjö,

next to the near by Royal Government Homesteads in Kall Parish, Jemteland and Vesternorrlands  County,

where at

after there of before the legal public notice occurred

he discontinued

except they appointed Jurors Nils Jonsson of Brattäggen and Nils Nilsson of Vassnäs, who shall grant task.


Royal Government Official and well-trusted representative {Eric Huss}

after the Royal Court Judgment of May 14th of last year,

dispatched a command as the Royal Government Official

to safeguard the Royal Government and the Crown’s Rights. 

Respected Company Inspector {Johan Israel Noreus} and Company Juror {Nils Engelbertsson from Fäviken} appeared as representatives of the Gustaf and Carlberg Copper Mining Company. 


overlook on new homesteader in Djupsjö, {one}the widow {Agneta Olofsdotter} helped by her son {Mårten Andersson}. 


Respected County Citizens {two} (Jonas Andersson) and farmer {three} (Erik Ol ofsson from the Village of Håf in Alsen Parish} on behalf of the Royal Government Rights to the summer pastureland in the mountains.


{four}Farmer (Måns Ol ofsson of Östbacken) and settler {five} (Jacob Bengtsson from Getan) on behalf of the homesteaders ownership rights to the Piktjern mountain cottage land




From the adjacent Villages of Hålland, Mo and Nedgård, where this forest tax occurs,

the farmers {one} Erik Pärsson of Mo

and {two} Lars Ol ofsson of Hålland, the Village of Kroks,

{three} Eric Hemmingsson, {four} Carl Larsson of Hålland

and {five} Pär Andersson,

and for Skjällder  small building

discontinue adjacent Royal Government Homesteads

Juror Pär Jonsson of Röde,

and for Rönningsberg summer mountain pasture Juror (Halfvard Nilsson of Rönningsberg). 


Later the Judgment is read in the presence of all the affected people. 


They had requested that the surveyors determine the boundaries of the new homesteads in the forest lands. 


There at the hearing privilege it was verified and acknowledged by all that the jointly owned taxable forest land in the Villages of Hålland, Mo, and Nedgård shall be bounded by the following property line corner markers:

·       Starting at marker 1 at the northeast end of the Village of Nästtjern

·       Then to marker 2 in the Village of Rökberget

·       Then to marker 3 in the Village of Tjernberget

·       Then to marker 4 northwest of the Village of Thotthögden

·       Then to Rödningsberg the Royal Government Homesteads ta kes to marker 5 at the northwest end of the Village of Spelmansmyran {Spelmans Swamp}

·       Then to marker 6 at the eastern end of pole staked or beautiful swamp

·       Then to marker 7 at the Royal Government Rua in the Village of Gärde in Offerdal Parish

·       Then to marker 8 in the Village of Tvärån

·       Then to marker 9 in the same Village Gråsjölien, difference cultivates as far as small school building Royal Government Homesteads under Rödeby

·       Then to marker 10 at Djupsjö Mountain

·       Then to marker 11 in the Village of Svartviken

·       Then to marker 12 in the Village of Bläviken

·       Then to marker 13 by following the southern shore of Djupsjön {Djup Lake} to the Nästtjern river’s mouth in Djupsjön, and then following the bend of the river to the Village of Krok where a stone is fixed on the south side of (????)

·       Finally, it returns to marker 1 in the Village of Nästtjern

This surveyed land not only i ncludes the new homesteads in Djupsjö, but also the summer mountain pasture belonging to the Royal Government and the Piktjern Municipal Government.

On June 20, 21, 22, 25, and 26,

in the presence of the adjacent landowners and tenants

on the ground cut up and marked with a stone mound.


The Villagers in Krok and Brattäggen have received Court approval in 1758 to keep possession of 975 acres of what is called Djupsjö Näs for 20 years of tax freedom. 


But since they do not complete their application

without withdrawing all their claims afterwards,

and at the Gustaf and Carlberg Copper Mining Company request,

that the lease payment for their land until now constituted

likewise must be given to the Company. 


Since the Royal Court has given ownership rights to the Gustaf and Carlberg Copper Mining Company in accordance with the Court Judgment of December 7, 1767

support for this place

released to Company Workers Johan Randklef and Pär Bergström,

that 1½ acres or one-fourth (¼) of a Mantal of Tax Registered Land

with 15 years of tax freedom for farm payments

and 10 years of tax freedom[2] for monetary livestock payments,

with the additional Royal Court Judgment,

that these new cottages may be put in the Deed Books,

with the notation that in 1783 and in the future and

also that by row after farmers the desire also on this settler

is taken from and including 1768.


Later, the Royal Court Judgment of December 7, 1774 ruled that the affected tenants of the Gustaf and Carlberg Copper Mining Company could retain all of their cottages.  

after the year 1758

the foundations for the new cottages Djupsjö Näs were marked,

becomes as long as and until

their by coming share there of becomes closer examined. 


Since the Royal Government Homesteads in Djupsjö

by that returned do not only transverse,

these had been used by Getarn new homesteaders in Alsen Parish

without also considerable second by the Royal Government and the National Works summer mountain pasture won back cottages,

which have from the above written Judgment date

Djupsjö settlers for this property

have paid and shall continue to pay a lease amount of 2 lisspunds {40 pounds} of butter,

except from annual interest after one-half (½)  of an acre highly honored


The Royal Court Judgment of April 15, 1790 appraising the division of all homesteads had precedence over the Royal Court Judgment concerning ownership rights.

It had the additional stipulation that the Royal Government, Berg Parish, Östbacken Municipal Government and the National Works homesteads may be lived on free, provided they are able to provide proof that they are living on the land.

Since the new homestead buildings in Djupsjö are built on foundations and used some of the money on croplands, they are admonished to repay,

therefore be entitled and declared also,

these new homestead buildings by the proper placing of a tax on them

not be attributed to more extensive land and territory than which according to the law should belong to the same.


On June 27th, Highly Respected Inspector Nils Gust. Ros arrives on the place, and is shown the order of Copper Mining Company Manager Pohlheimer written word for word as shown below:

As I become aware of the summer mountain pastures by the Company Farms in Djupsjö belonging to the Copper Mining Company, and also on the Company Farms in Djupsjö.

The second item {the Company Farms in Djupsjö} are under the control of the homesteaders for hay making across the way in Kälapanruen etc. 

The desired tax levy is located within the Djupsjö area and the adjacent frontier

that the undersigned protest

according to the authority for the controlled tax legislation,

which is known to happen

the Copper Mining Company

to damage

in capability with the Copper Mining Company privileges,

and is asked by the properly affected property men require to submit evidence that such report happens.         


                        Semlan on June 25, 1805

(36)                                         A. Pohlhejmer

After the above order was issued, Inspector Ros also demanded that he wanted the land surveyors to stop all further surveying and investigation of the Djupsjö leased property until their years of tax freedom from the Copper Mining Company come to an end,

and until which some tax and the new homestead buildings in Djupsjö,

for the property belonging to the Copper Mining Company ought not to be constituted,

but by the preceding Recorded Minutes from the 19th of the month,

Inspector Noreus does not only,

the property of the Copper Mining Company powerful without and the new homestead buildings

the owner widow {Agneta Olofsdotter}, through Mårten Andersson 1770-1855,

notified and acknowledged that these new homestead buildings in Djupsjö,

within the Hof and Piktjern summer mountain pasture forest

and outside grounds diversity confused

and lease land

the affected people also demanded continuation of land surveying and investigation

to know civil employees the following by that well quoted the appointment,

which in regard to stated reason does not

other than to continue the remaining surveying, graduation and taxation of the whole Municipality.

For that reason, and  

after the affected people learned of the civil employees statement in that regard,

after which the Inspector stated that the new homesteads in Djupsjö, in accordance with the Judgment of ownership rights from the County Government Judgment of December 7, 1767 and of December 7, 1774,

should retain all of their ownership rights and privileges to these new homesteads

that they formerly maintained and used

without the smallest intrusion or illegal

by the Royal Government or the Piktjern Municipal Government

summer mountain pastureland,

who on the other hand desired and demanded

that after the new homesteads in Djupsjö,

according to The Royal Court Judgment of April 15, 1790,

after the received by the District Court own and accommodation in forest and land,

which the same after 1½  acres or one-fourth (¼) of a Mantal of Tax Registered Land can belong to,

the other land and grounds must be proclaimed, 

for the tax and annual interest,

which later is to be examined and should be paid. 


Later the affected people

on being asked do not further state,

continued in the Royal Government Official and parties presence remaining draft of land,

and afterward graduation and taxation,

which benefits and privilege in after the following charta [3] description is found to be cultivated. 

Later, the land distribution is carried out between Djupsjön on the one hand, and the summer mountain pasture of the Royal Government and Piktjern Municipal Government on the other hand, in the manner described in the Division Report.

They are authorized to draw the legal boundary separation lines in this report.

                        Year and Date as above

                        On behalf of the Office Man Sunding through Magn.  Ångman


[1] the dean?

[2] 10 years of tax freedom?  or 10 years of receiving monetary payments?

[3] charter?