Esten Edberg

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Esten Edberg3, Kerstin Randklef2, Agnis Nilsdotter1 & Måns Essing1


Esten Edberg


June 5, 1757










Jan 1, 1786



Brita Andersdotter


Dec 5, 1756





Oct 9, 1841



Anna Stina Estensdotter


Oct 28, 1786


Table 27



Dec 1, 1873



Anders Estensson


Dec 12, 1789





Sep 4, 1816


Esten Edberg was a tailor and farmer. 

He purchased a farm from his brother as recorded in the following agreement:

This District Court certifies and acknowledges by means of this Purchase Agreement that tailor Esten Edberg has purchased Company Farm No. 1 (called the Böle Farm) in the Village of Edsåsen from his brother Per Ol ofsson Edberg of Edsåsen for thirty eight (38) Riksdaler 16 Species.

This i ncludes all of the farm’s belongings.

The written contract contained a clause that the buyer also promised to provide 4 days of work at his own expense to benefit the owner.

However, he has 5 years of tax freedom during the first 5 years.

Esten Edberg is to receive the homestead after the reading of the First Proclamation, with the stipulation that the farm owner shall receive the farm for all posterity and shall not be removed from their rästa  home. 

October 24, 1811

Same Day:  Farmhand Anders Estensson of Lund had seconded to this Court

his former guardian (farmer Jon Petersson of Edsåsen)

with the statement to him legal proceedings ordered ditty ready for guardianship. 

With appeal by legal proceedings be in advance of the parts personally,

the plaintiffs in the case,

assisted by Noble Captain Daniel Fredric Borin,

Jon Pehrsson reports to him by his predecessor in guardianship Pehr Ol ofsson Edberg of Hålland

and requested an accounting

for the plaintiffs and his sister Anna Christina’s inheritance

and won from this District Court Judgment on the 28th of March of last year

on Pehr Ol ofsson Edberg to also present the invoice,

deliver to Jon Pehrsson all guardianship touching deeds,

but in regard thereto,

to Edberg shortly thereon died,

he had not received any more deeds other than the one

excerpt of the District Court Record Book of October 1, 1792,

touching occurred share between

the underage children and their mother {Brita Andersdotter} and their stepfather {Anders Andersson}

also for a promissory note of 41 Riksdaler 32 Species from Pehr Jönsson of Edsåsen,

which amount of money the defendant demanded after being summoned to this Court,

in purpose to for means ditty ready and invoice. 

In accordance with the plaintiff’s demand that Jon Pehrsson,

whose duty it had been to previously give a legal accounting

of the estate of the deceased predecessor

of the inheritance at issue and custody,

must without consideration thereof he won some such,

be responsible for that which belonged to the wards and for that which belonged to their father Esten Edberg.

The farm was improperly sold against the defendant’s wishes,

so he had not neglected his duty[1] to ask for clarity from the predecessor

but he has not received additional means or deeds than disrupted

is not known to some larger responsibility’s obligation binding

The division is Proclaimed in Court watch.


The following is the Court Judgment in the case filed by the children of Esten Edberg against their former guardian Jon Pehrsson.  They alleged that he had not handled their inheritance rights properly.

On October 26, it was ordered, according to 23 Chapter 4 of the Jurisdictional Inheritance Laws, that the District Court must enjoin the defendant, Jon Pehrsson, to deliver to the plaintiffs within one month hereafter a proper invoice of their inheritance items accompanied with all of the associated hearing deeds and the inheritance money which belonged to Anders Estensson and to which the plaintiffs are due within night and year.


However, it comments that in order to be made liable

for also fulfilling this claim

in consideration of custodial administration,

which up to now he can find him justified in remaining.


It was undertaken by the farmer Jon Pehrsson of Edsåsen

to be made guardian for the children of deceased farmer Esten Edberg,

for his predecessor in guardianship. 

The tenant living on this place, Pehr Ol ofsson Edberg of Häland,

concurred legal proceedings concerning report

for the children’s inheritance documents delivering and disbursing the remaining money. 

The plaintiffs appeared in Court, but the defendant was found without blame,

although legally brought an action,

according to what juror[2] Sven Henricsson of Edsåsen had certified.

The plaintiffs said they had not found

other deeds done by Pehr

which know to investigate the correct inheritance amount,

than the following unclear as called for in the guardian invoice. 

Since the plaintiffs cannot prove the correct amount of the inheritance in the summer mountain pasture before they had received the deeds on which they established these amounts, he {Sven Henricsson?} stated that the plaintiffs must be enjoined from him {Jon Pehrsson?} and leave everything as it was in the guardianship hearing papers. 

After him was left compensation.



The following is a recording of the minutes of this case:



The defendant Pehr Ol ofsson, who defaulted from this District Court Session without blame

comes constantly 12 Chapter 2§ R B[3] that therefore 32 Riksdaler,

and the District Court examines with stood of 23 Chapter 2§ A B[4]

in equitable Pehr Ol ofsson is enjoined,

that within 2 months or 60 days after receiving this Judgment

receives evidence portion,

with 10 Riksdaler from him leave and the plaintiffs,

for receipt deliver all the deeds

that concern his guardianship and prove how much the children have inherited. 



Afterward, Jon Persson shall study all of it.  In case he finds any corrections, the District Court demands that he should send in his comments and his final statement written in black and white, and present it at the next District Court Session during the second stage of the legal proceedings. 


On that occasion, Pehr Ol ofsson,

with the person previously mentioned {_________________?},

shall myself or through my representative

him discontinue:


If the king is willing afterward legal and composition pursuant to opinion inform,

no remarks should on the plaintiffs side upon,

such witnesses should be made known,

which for Jon Persson, convened, left  


Establish a custodial accounting

for renewed concerning the guardianship

he has and now delivered their confidence

as the guardian {Pehr Ol ofsson Edberg of Edsäsen} for the children of deceased {Esten Edberg}, son {Anders} and daughter {Anna Stina}. 


(40)                        Calculated in Edsåsen on February 20, 1808








February 20, 1783 was handed in and was exposed annual interest on two-thirds of the purchase amount for the Böle farm in Edsäsen come in annual interest to December 20 1802, which is 9 years at 5 percent





February 20, 1802 again exposed on annual interest above named guardian, A retained total





Annual interest from February 20, 1802 to February 20, 1808 which is 8 years at 5 percent









Cash           Rd                    Sp                   RP

October 1, 1791 redeemed guardian the report          12                  10

a jointly Recorded Minutes         8                  10

Map                                  10

10 years of annual interest earned on the money.         11                      3               33.9

Payment to Jon Hindricsson of Hållan for

holding the auction on the farm                                   16

Annual interest for the year 1802                                   8

The inconvenience of a day of auction cost to Dufved and

attendance at auction in farm Edsåsen                               4

Total of Cash Retained      32                    17                  11


                        Pehr Ol ofsson Edberg




1807:  On the mother’s request in Dufved to listen to

by 2nd days February 20, 1808 my remaining debt of  41.4.11


Pehr Ol ofsson Edberg


On September 15, 1791, an Estate Inventory was conducted after the past Nunu  month with the death of farmer Esten Edberg. 

He left his widow {Brita Andersdotter} behind him with two small children, son {Anders Estensson} and daughter {Anna Stina Estensdotter}.

The following is a record of the property that was given up by his widow {Brita Andersdotter}:

The widow’s debts

To     Erik Ersson of Ottsjö    16.32  

“  Bookkeeper Noraeus   5.16  

“       Olof Lars widow of Edsåsen      24  

“       Olof Pärson of Edsåsen      24  

“       Anders Olsson of Wästgård    24   

“       Mr. Capit Berger 32 

“       Esten Ersson of Dahlen      21.4 

“       Olof Andersson of Björnänge    6  

“       Erik Trygg of Edsåsen        4  

“       Parish Priest Söderberg     8  

"       Lars Ersson of Stamgärde    8   25.  7.4



From Jöns Pärsson of Högen         16  

“       Nils Nilsson of Medstugan   4  

“       Jonas Jakobsson of Lien   4          

“       Olof Hemmingsson of Ottsjö    5.4  

“       Nils Estensson of Ottsjö        4     33.4




The widow’s assets



1       cow for 3.16 

2 ea   last years calves for 1 1/3 Riksdaler  2.32 

1       yearling 32

6 ea   big sheep for 16 Species         2. 

4 ea   small sheep for 8 Species          32

5 ea   goats on 20 Species  2.4 

2  ea  risbit  rams for 24 Species         1 

4 ea   young cattle for 4 Species           16      12.36



1       Little Bible for        24

     Pettersson’s Collection of Sermons        1 

          Another Bible          24 

1       Danish Collection of Sermons         8 

1       Hymn Book           8 2.16


Men’s Clothes

1       brown homespun coat 1 

1       brown homespun waist coat      2 

1       men’s overcoat by press homespun       32

          old frontispiece with a velvet vest            16  

                      4  42.44.8

1       black cloth jacket    1 

1 ”    broken seam vest to is turned             16

1       light blue vest         24

    “    trousers with linen lining          24 

1 pr   old black patched trousers          8 

1       old brown homespun trousers          4 

1       red waistcoat of soft woven fabric with glass buttons   20

1       white rabbit skin sweater worn out              12 

1       broken seam vest and jacket             32

1       gray homespun jacket             16

1       old blue men’s overcoat and brown vest     24

1 pr   old yarn stockings and wool stockings 20  

1 pr   gray wool stockings 16  

1       red felt Chapter         8 

1       sheep skin with a red top                4 

          material for 1 pr of fleece stitches 8 

1       night coat with short sleeves and ruffles               

          and 1 night coat of cotton cloth     24

1       old hair purse and black hat for    8       10.28



1       down feather bed with an old slip case        1 

1       cushion with “ “          12

1       calfskin pillow with a small amount of down          8 

1 sheepskin rug without cover 32

1       hair cut skin rug with cover          24 2.28


Cooking Containers

1       large pot 1 

1       small copper kettle by 3 mkr  a 5 s 5 r              16 

1 soapstone kettle broken  4 

1 soapstone panhandle         2  1.22


Wooden Containers and Misc .

3 ea   tea plate of 5 4 Rune Pieces            16

1       tin bowl 1 stone bowl, 2 ea the same bowls and a stone numerous        8 

3 ea   wooden plate for         1 

1       large chest with a broken lock   1 

1       small chest without a lock              8 

1       new box with smith work            16 

1        little sewing box     8 

1        new cupboard with a lock and hinges              24

2 ea   brown chairs              16

1       milk barrel, a tub and old bucket for               16 

1       bucket with a drain     2 

4 ea   old pail with a lid, a stretcher and iron              8 

4 ea   milk trough and 2 bowls             6 

          baking bowls into all 8 

          roasting cloth fins nothing but an

          old spinning wheel  for               4.1


Metal works 

1       iron plow and rope for              14 

2 ea   cutting axes and a sheathed broad axe for            18

3 ea   old broken lj_r        2 

3 ea pitchfork, a stone fork and spade for        12

1       pack saddle tree     8 

1 grindstone without ridges and a hand mill for           40

1 pr   wool carding combs 8  2.  4  

Subtotal             63.31.8




3 ea   hairy calfskins for 2 Species each  6 

1       old sifter and coarse sieve            4 

1       tin bowl, tailor’s spike and press iron 18

1       Wall clock without lining          32 

1       trough or box with scrap iron              2 

          any uncooked scattered yarn for               12 

2 ea   glass bottles            4.

1       saw and oxplane            4.

5       mkr  to  26.    

2       small and 1 large bell             8. 

Receive a summer leaving of butter and cheese            40.    


This year’s harvest for the farm in Böle:   26.32


Total                 93.27.8




After the outstanding debts of 25 Riksdaler 7 Species and 4 Rune Pieces are deducted,

she keeps the remaining amount of 68 Riksdaler 20 Species 4 Rune Pieces, out of which the poor share is paid.  Subsequently, the poor share is paid with 12 Species, to be relieved of it.


                                                Olof Persson of Edsåsen


it is therefore properly given to everyone

and nothing is intentionally withheld or left out from anyone

and acknowledged as certified                                                     


                                                Johan Oldberg

                                                Olof Jonsson of Stamgärde


                                                Written and Estate Inventory Appraiser

                                                Brita Andersdotter of Böle

[1] “was improperly sold” is a contradiction of “had not neglected his duty”

[2] This is the first reference to a juror.  I’ll try to elaborate here.

[3] what is R B?

[4] A B?