Karin Essing

Table 11 (56)

Karin Essing3, Anders Essing2, Agnis Nilsdotter1 & Måns Essing1


Karin Essing


Mar 1761


Karin lived in Totten and then later in Wik and










Jan 24, 1787




Lars Nilsson








Oct 11, 1808




Nils Larsson


Sep 14, 1788



Table 40



Oct 16,1856




Anders Larsson


Feb 28, 1792



Table 41



Feb 13, 1829




Sven Larsson


Mar 23, 1795



Table 42



Nov 27, 1846




Annica Larsdotter


Nov 9, 1799






May 15, 1848




Magnus Larsson


July 31, 1803



Table 43



Apr 12, 1888








There were no


Olof Salomonsson



from  Sulviken, Kall

children in this




June 11, 1835




Berg Parish Juror Anders Bergström of Husån legally recorded the following agreement in which he asked for a mortgage on Company Farm No. 2 in the Village of Björnänge.  This farm consisted of 1 acre. 

This mortgage was to serve as security from farmer Olof Salomonsson of Björnänge and Wik who wants to borrow 125 Riksdaler.  Annual interest of 5 percent was offered. 

Proof of this was given by the public reading of the following promissory note:

From this loan I have received a total amount of one hundred twenty five (125) Riksdaler in currency from Berg Parish Juror Anders Bergström in Husån for five (5) percent annual interest and with Company Farm No. 2 in the Village of Björnänge, Ähre Parish as security. 

I give a mortgage on this farm to Hindrick Nilssons[1] of Skalstugan.  This mortgage was last renewed at the Spring Court Session of 1808 in Undersåker District Court.


I also give Bergström permission to request a mortgage at the next Court Session or at any other time he pleases, in his name, on this farm, for the prescribed total,

for restorations of Hindrik Nilsson’s other mortgage, which is now left in his hands and which is hereby notarized and certified. 

                        Husån on October 30, 1809

                                                Olof Salomonsson of Björnänge and Wik

(56)                        Witness:                         Lars L.  Berg

                                                Johan Hyttsten


Then the District Court asked for written proof of the ownership rights of Olof Salomonsson to this promise farm. 

He presented the Title Deed of February 9, 1792, by which it is learned that the now deceased farmer {Lars Nilsson of Björnänge} purchased this farm and made a stipulation[2] that was certified by a Juror.

This stipulation was that with his death it was to be divided between his widow {Karin Andersdotter} who received one-third of the ownership rights as her widow’s share and the other children who received the other two-thirds as their inheritance share.

It must then be legally concluded that Olof Salomonsson does not own any part of it. 

However, upon further inquiry, the Juror also discovered that the latter party had married the widow of Lars Nilsson after she had obtained a mortgage on her share of the widow rights. 

Olof Salomonsson did not know this.  He thought that he was going to be the owner and manager of the entire farm.

Because of that, he had married Karin Andersdotter for the simple-minded reason that he thought he would be entitled to the written farm promise there.  (57)



It has now been shown and proven that the debtor’s widow Karin Andersdotter is the owner of 1/3 of Company Farm No. 2 in the Village of Björnänge and that she approved and entered into this mortgage in the Jurors presence.


Therefore, the District Court examines support from Chapter 7 for the equitable mortgage on this farm partition as security for this total amount of 125 Riksdaler and she offered annual interest payments on it. 

From Undersäker District Court AI: 67

Before Karin and Olof married, they wrote the following marriage contract that was entered into the Minutes of the District Court on October 27, 1809:

Farmhand Olof Salomonsson from the Village of Sulviken and Kall Parish hereby affirms that the marriage to the surviving widow {Karin Andersdotter} of farmer Lars Nilsson of Vik and Åre Parish will begin and continue with free choice and consent.

This contract is hereby completed between {Karin Andersdotter} and her future husband {Olof Salomonsson} and with Estate Guardian Hindrik Nilsson of Skalstuga and Pehr Nilsson of Totten that Olof Salomonsson shall take all of the children from the widow’s first marriage as his own children. 

Daughter Anna Larsdotter was reasonable[3] and had suffered a stroke, so the present and future farm provisions became necessary for her source of revenue, food, shelter, and clothing.

Olof Salomonsson is to take care of these children with complete fatherly care and bring them up until they are able to feed and care for themselves.  They are to behave him as kind children. 

If God should bless this second marriage with further children, they shall also have the same ownership rights to the farm and property as the other children. 

Otherwise our joint diligence and care as a married couple for the children

shall be gainful using all discretion and power,

annual interest and principle payments.

Olof Salomonsson shall receive the following Reserved Rights because of his diligence and hard work and his promissory note to pay the farm’s debts:

·       One (1) maling of cropland and well cultivated land

·       Two (2) sheep or goats and their offspring

·       Tender and decent attention and care during impending old age and related illnesses

·       Firewood and heat

                                                Olof Salomonsson of Sulviken,

                                                Karin Andersdotter of Vik,

                                                Contrahenter  Pehr Nilsson of Totten,

                                                Hindrik Nilsson of Skalstuga (Guardian)


(58)                        Witness:                         Lars Eric Petri Festin Communister [4]
                                                Jonas Mårtensson of Bräcke Parish


After the reading of this was acknowledged before the District Court by Olof Salomonsson, present in his own person, it was made clear that he {Olof Salomonsson} and Karin Andersdotter were not considered to be married by everyone, since there had not first been the proper church announcements of a planned marriage between them.


The following is a description of the fields on this farm:

2 barrels of grain can be seeded on the farm each year; half in fallow and half in straw.

However, the fields are poor and meager and appear to need fertilizer.

The farm can feed approximately 1 horse, 5 cows, 2 calves, and 20 sheep or goats each year.

3 able-bodied people are required for farm care and harvest.

Five children survive the deceased Lars Nilsson of Björnänge:  son Nils 26 years old, Anders 23 years old, Swen 20 years old, Magnus 12 years old and daughter Anika 16 years old.

As the sons contemplate the drawing of lots for the homestead,

which was written in such a way that the mentally incapable daughter Anika’s paltry permission,

who is completely gone from her senses and afflicted to the extent that she needs constant care and supervision so she does not perish. 

Therefore, she shall receive care for the remainder of her lifetime by having ownership and possession rights to this farm.

The farm is sold with all of the buildings and land and everything else that now belongs to the farm or that can be legally obtained in the future for twelve hundred fifty (1,250) Riksdaler. 

This purchase amount goes first to pay the farm debts and the remainder shall be paid to the sons when it is received.

The mother {Karin Andersdotter} shall retain the following Reserved Rights as the Seller of the farm:

·       Feed and fodder for a cow and 3 sheep or goats each year

·       the exception is that the mother is to keep the manor house above the field of grain

·       approximately for 1 load of hay

·       and the grain field above the hay strip which is found within the fence around Böles field,

·       this manor house shall house the mother while she is able to work.

·       One maling of cropland that is half planted in fallow and half planted in straw

·       Lodging on the farm

·       Firewood and heat

·       Tender and decent attention and care during impending old age and related illnesses

·       A ride for errands as necessary


is reserved,


Olof Salmonsson of Björnänge 6 years later entered into marriage with Karin Andersdotter of Björnänge and later kept and used the farm,

and in the household establishment submitted what he had in property,

so taken in custody in the greatest humility

that which the Highly Honored District Court decreed that Reserved Rights advantages could be granted him by the authorization of the District Court.

                        Present sons:                        Nils Larsson

                                                Anders Larsson

                                                guardian for underage son {Nils Jönsson of Medstugan}


(59)                        Assessors and Estate Inventory Appraisers     

                                                Johan Israel Noreus                                   

                                                Olof Ol ofsson of Hamre        

                                                Nils Andersson of Swedje           

On October 9, 1815 an Estate Inventory was conducted by the undersigned {______________} on Company Farm No. 2 in the Village of Biörnänge consisting of 1 acre of land. 

Farmer {Olof Salomonsson of Björnänge} had lived on it for a few years and used it as the stepfather of the children of the now deceased Lars Nilssons of Björnänge.

The assessment found the following:

·       An old cottage with a fireplace and a baking oven, 2 pairs of windows.  It has a bed and bedroom cabinet and a table and chairs.  Everything is old and flimsy and needs repairs before it can be used.

·       The porch beside the cottage is also in poor condition.  Olof Salmonsson built a winter barn 9½ alnars {19 feet} long by 11 alnars {22 feet} wide by 13 layers high.  It has a floor.  The inside is in good condition, but the roof is in bad condition.

·       Olof Salmonsson has repaired the roof on the barn after the last assessment so that in the same year it is in reasonably good condition. 

·       The granary has repairable walls but the roof is completely worn out and has needed a new one for several years.

·       The stable together with the barn in 1 room in the shed built for 2 horses.  It has reasonable walls and interior, but the roof is in bad condition. 
Olof Salmonsson built a new floor in the shed during the time he lived on the farm.

·       Barn stables and a granary.  The logs are in poor condition and it has rotting walls, roof and floor, so that it can be used for very little until it is repaired. 

·       A shelter in usable condition

·       A woodshed and barn with decay. 

·       A hay barn in Frönäset with a roof in bad condition.

·       2 hay barns in Böle.  Olof Salmonsson repaired one of them by replacing the roof.

·       A hay barn in Humulsänget and a barn in Nilsmyran {Nils Swamp}.  They have decent walls but the roofs are in bad condition. 

·       One half of the ownership rights to a log barn and milk shed in the summer mountain pasture south of the lake.  It has decent walls but the roof is in poor condition.

·       A summer mountain pasture barn in Bowallen in good condition
except that the roof is in poor condition.  However, Olof Salmonsson has recently built the floor.

·       Olof Salmonsson has a mill, of new and old times built on a brook near the farm.

·       552 fathoms good farm fences on several places around the fields

·       223 fathoms of bad condition farm fences or one-half (½) fenced pasture around land and meadow. 

[1] who is Hindrick Nilsson and how is he a part of this contract?

[2] nullified?

[3] unreasonable?

[4] district vicar?  assistant vicar?