Märeta Essing

Table 13 (64)

Märeta Essing3, Anders Essing2, Agnis Nilsdotter1 & Måns Essing1


Märeta Essing


Nov 16, 1769


Märeta lived by Duveds fortress, Nordhallen and Hårbörsta, where she










Jan 1, 1793




Jonas Henriksson


Nov 11, 1756






June 23, 1832?




Lisa Jonsdotter





Table 49



Dec 26, 1884




Anders Jonsson








About Apr 1, 1798


Anders burial date was April 1, 1798.


Jonas Jonasson


Nov 3, 1798


Jonas died of an unknown childhood




Nov 18, 1798




Anders Jonasson


Dec 24, 1805


I {Inger Qvarnström} have found no information on








Jonas was the son of Hindrik Jonsson and Lisbet Jönsdotter of Tegom Åre.

The family lived mostly as tenants, and they moved about rather often in Åre Parish. 

They lived mostly in Nordhallen where they were farmers.

In their older days, they were sick and poor

Their son Anders stayed with his sister for a time, and in the Population Records for 1821-1822 it is shown that he was crippled in the arms and in poor health. 






Photograph (64)






Copper Mining Company Miner Wiksten


Contract Between

Mining Company


Company Miners & Workers

As homesteaders on Company property, the Company Workers may use and occupy the farms according to the following contract with the Company:

1.     They shall be at the mine by 10 A.M. on every Monday morning that does not fall upon a holiday from October 1st, to April 1st.  They shall be at the mine by 8 A.M from April 1st to October 1st.  They shall proceed immediately to their assigned work after breaks.  They shall carry on the mining work in accordance with the regulations and the piece-work wages that are arranged and passed.  Work is banished[1] during the second year’s first quarter, during the week until 2 P.M. on Friday afternoon, and during the 2 last quarters until 5 P.M. on the same day.  If they do not follow the designated work hours, they shall be fined 24 Species to the Company fund for each infraction. The fine shall be increased by 12 Species each time they fail to get to work on time. 

2.     Ladders, lånsor  bärgade [2], hammers, sled handles, and sulfur thread shall not be provided by the Miners without special compensation. 

3.     The orderly and industrious workmanship of the Company makes up the intrinsic foundation for those affected Workers to continue on.  In the future all should i nspect their own work, use their greatest endeavor and put everything into it.  For if an agreement does not give a fair amount of work for the wages paid by the Company, there will be a general company failure, and in conjunction with the shut down of the Company, the same Miner’s ownership rights to the farms and official residences will disappear, to the Company land occupied.  Since mining is extremely important for the Company, the Company Workers and the tenants who subsequently show neglect in their work, or treat it with indifference, or show neglect or disobedience towards their responsibilities, shall be fired immediately without employment, by legal moving time and official representative steadiness from his ownership rights on the farm and official position at the Company, and immediately have his place taken by another more industrious and considerate person, who starts with the same rights and privileges.

4.     The farms on Company property have been prepared for a larger number of Company personnel in width and size and they may be divided.  The Company has total rights to partition these farms for some small compensation and are not required to compensate them for the cropland on land or meadows that they move from, which determines after matismanna [3] ordom [4].

5.     The explicit orders of the Miners are to diligently carry out the work down in the Mine.  Since their livelihood rests on the Company making a profit, this is necessary both for themselves and the Company, to enjoin those who have wives and able-bodied children, that on Company notice in Husån from the release Inspector shall discontinue to Varprensning [5] all able-bodied women and children in the Company, things for agreed piece-work wages or daily wages. 

6.     One month of leave at haying time is given to everyone who works as a tenant worker on a farm.  The Mine shall still be left open where and who zealously oversees his mining and farming privileges.  The few that work in or on the Mine during this time shall have a 50 percent increase over the usual piecework wages.  Consequently, 1 barrel of crude ore from Varpen[6] will then be paid at 1 Riksdaler and 24 Species.

7.     If the farm tenant has a horse, it is necessary for him to responsibly attend to the Company needs for things such as transporting the ore, making small trips, road repairs etc. and therefore to receive some small compensation or piecework money. 

8.     Then for maintenance of these incontestable rights and as an obligation for all disorders in the future, possession are necessary to decide for the farm.  It is the responsibility of all the current farmers to annually transport 20 barrels of ore at 8 Species per barrel from the Bjelkes Company to the Huså Smelting works. They, together with their able-bodied women and children, must cut, dry and harvest the grain and hay that is raised on the farms and homesteads, the Company uses for its own invoice. 

9.     The farm tenants shall be responsible for maintaining the cottages, barns, hedge fences, etc., according to the law and House Examinations Order.  In addition, there is the restriction on all the farms, that it is strictly prohibited to sell or carry away hay, straw, or manure from the farms.  The burning of forest lands for ashes for fertilizing the croplands and taking fallen plant materials from the forest to the farm’s own or adjacent land is allowed without exception and noted by the trustee in Husån.

10.  The terms and conditions of this contract are binding upon the able-bodied sons of the Miners for as long as the Company has occasion to employ them.  Because they are accustomed to work as qualified Miners from their earliest years, they are to get a preference for this work.  Therefore, they are not to be drafted to serve the Country without a special inquiry and permission from the Company or its representative. 

11.  The miner must yearly, whenever 3 days lapse without wage payments, on notice from the Company trustee, suspend the supervision between Bjelkes Mine, past Huså and to the Kalljö beaches.

12.  Should it become necessary for the Company to unexpectedly have to quickly call for the entire work force of the Mining Company or some smaller portion thereof, it is the responsibility of every current Miner to come when called.  If they do not, they will be fired immediately, under the same rules mentioned in paragraph three above, for neglect and disobedience. 

13.  Should the Miners fulfill the terms of this contract, they can be assured that all of the above rights shall be honored.  On the other hand, they must blame themselves for the consequences if they break them.  Cancellation can be made by either side prior to legal moving time[7] and the commencement of this contract is accepted to be the next Court Session Work Quarter[8] on October 1st.

(67)                        Husån on August 2, 1830






Photograph (67)





Statue of a Miner’s wife and child.  This statue is located in Huså near the school.

[1] Shut down or partially shut down?

[2] salvaged lenses?  safety goggles?  lights on mine hat?  Lanterns?

[3] appraiser?

[4] words?

[5] Warp cleaning?

[6] Proper name or warp?

[7] time day?

[8] quarterly Court Session?