Kerstin Persdotter

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Kerstin Persdotter4, Petrus "Per" Edberg3, Kerstin Randklef2,

Agnis Nilsdotter1 & Måns Essing1


Kerstin Persdotter 






She lived in Edsåsen, Undersåker until they moved to Ströms Parish in 1812. 









Aug 11, 1807 



Henrik Jonsson Södergren 


Dec 28, 1786 





May 18, 1882 



Catharina Henriksdotter 


Jan 30, 1809 


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Oct 22, 1890 



Pehr Henriksson 


Mar 7, 1813 


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July 29, 1894 



Ingeborg Henriksdotter 


Apr 30, 1816 


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Jonas Henriksson 


Dec 16, 1819 


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June 23, 1902 



Kerstin Henriksdotter 







July 16, 1867 



Jöns Henriksson 


Dec 22, 1829 


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Oct 14, 1917 



Henrik was the son of Jon Hindriksson and Katarina Olsdotter.  Katarina was born in 1764 in Nyland, Undersåker.  Henrik’s father Jon was a churchwarden, farm owner, and the parish secretary.

According to the old stories, Per Årberg and his wife had been the neighbors of Henrik Södergren in Undersåker.  Per and his wife were murdered by the Laplanders in the remote Schougden mountain lake area by Frostviken.  When it came to Henrik’s knowledge, he became furious and swore revenge on the Laplanders.  He left his farm in Undersåker, took his family and necessary household goods and cattle with him, and left the city for the road-less wilderness.  When he reached Kärrnäset, a distance of 20 mils {120 American miles}, his sense of humor and his desire for revenge had left him.

Then came the question of where he should live.  He had no roof over his head for either his family or livestock.

Someone in Kärrnäset had probably advised him of the dangers of going to Öjarsvattnet by this time.  He heeded the advice, went to Vällgården, broke up land, and built a farm.

He lived there in the tax-free years from 1812 to 1822.  He sold his farm and moved to Little Fulvurn at the end of the tax-free years.

He lived there in near starvation with his family from 1822 to 1847.  Then he had to leave Fulvur Municipality because of the difficulty of getting supplies, and he again moved to Öjarn.

The following story can give proof of this:

Winter is far along.  Now Henrik starts to run out of pastureland and feed for the livestock.  Winter depression has taken a hard grip on Henrik, and it is difficult for him to tear himself away from this depression.  Now his wife comes and tells him that they are out of food. One can easily understand that his was not funny for Henrik, since he was 1 mil 7 kilometers {ten miles} from the nearest Village of Öjarn.

Henrik had an old artillery horse.  This horse had been discarded by the military because of starvation.  But an attempt was worthwhile.  Henrik sets out securely on his discarded horse, and his horse went quite easily[1] when you think about the amount of snow that is found in these mountain regions.

They slowly went up the steep grade of Jöns mässhöjdans  Mountain and the hours go by.  With a real sense of accomplishment he has now reached the highest point, but the horse slows down more and more.  When they came to the ground water, the horse laid down and could not go on anymore.  Henrik put on his snowshoes and continued on alone to Öjarn.  He finally reached the Village at five in the morning.

From Heimlauta 1985








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Henrik Jonsson Södergren built this cottage near Lillfulvurn around 1820.  Later it was moved to the upper end of the lake and was used as a forest hut[2].  Johan Ol ofsson and Anders Gabriel Hansson are sitting in front of the cottage.  The latter[3] {Anders Gabriel Hansson} has written about many events in Öjarn History.

Henrik and his brother took over their father’s farm in exchange for providing Reserved Rights.  On September 26th, farmer Jon Hindriksson of Håland reached an agreement on January 11th of this year[4] which was put in the Record of Court Judgments on the 24th of the following February.  It stated that he will allow his Company Farm No. 2 in the Village of Håland, consisting of 2, acres to go to his sons {Hindrik Södergren} and {Olof Jonsson} in exchange for the specified Reserved Rights for himself and his wife.  The total purchase amount is three hundred eleven (311) Riksdaler 5 Species 4 Rd bank currency[5].  Part of this purchase amount shall be used to pay the farm debts and part of it shall be used to pay the inheritance share of the daughters of Märeta Jonsdotter.  However the District Court found it necessary and decreed that an assessment be made because of the Royal Government County welfare.   Mr. Holmberg, Juror Mårten Ol ofsson of Romo, and Sven Hindriksson of Edsåsen were the guardians of the estate and they carried out the assessment on June 16 that year.  The homestead was appraised at three hundred thirty three (333) Riksdaler 16 Species.  Additional terms and conditions were added in writing as follows:



After the value of the homestead is appraised in Hålland, the following changes to the contract of January 11 of this year were made by the father {Jon Hindricsson} and he {________} was made guardian.  The additional conditions were as follows:

1.       The inheritance amount of the daughter {Märet} of sixteen (16) Riksdaler 32 Species will either be paid directly to her from each brother or the brothers will deposit it in her account with appropriate annual interest from the legal date on or before the amount is due. 

2.       In the event of the death of her parents, or if they are not able to feed and provide for their daughter {Märeta} for other reasons, she is to receive decent food and care from the homestead tenants to the best of their ability until she is 15 years old. 

Our arrival at agreement in this contract is hereby acknowledged and confirmed with our signatures in the presence of the undersigned witnesses in Hälland on June 16, 1806.



                                                Jon Hindriksson of Hållan

                                                Anders Ersson of Rista guardian for son Hindrik Södergren

                                                Pehr Jacobsson of Äggen (guardian for son Olof)

                                                Jöns Ol ofsson of Rista (guardian for daughter Märet)            


                        Witness:                        Eric Holmberg and

                                                Sven Hindriksson of Edsäsen, Kusin [6]



The following contract is made and agreed upon between the undersigned:

I {Jonas Dahlstedt} with the agreement and consent of my dear wife {Gunil Henriksdotter}, and with a sound mind, hereby knowingly release and sell our farm to tenant (Henrik Jonsson Södergren}.

This i ncludes my ownership rights to the new homestead outside the Village of Öijaren in Hammerdahl Parish that were purchased from my brother-in-law {Anders Hindersson}.  It is located in Föllinge Lapland and consists of one-fourth (¼) of an acre. 

This also i ncludes the accompanying rights and responsibilities as well as all the property under whatever name and composition it may be that now belongs to this farm or can be legally obtained in the future.

The agreed upon purchase amount of forty one (41) Riksdaler 24 Species or on the other hand, payment of respondent’s death money is acknowledged. 

For the fulfillment of these terms and conditions, our ownership rights to this new farm and buildings are relinquished by us and our descendants.

The buyer {Henrik Jonsson} and his wife, children, and heirs, shall have undisputed and eternal ownership and occupancy rights and they shall take possession immediately.

In addition, after disposal of good ownership rights Judgment of this buyer

that with the Royal Court Judgment in the Region of Högunstig attachment of wages on this farm partition, entire application respectfully made.  

This is confirmed with our signatures and Signature Marks and completed in the presence of the undersigned witnesses. 

                         Öijaren on November 7, 1819

                                                Jonas Dahlstedt

                                                 Gunnil Henriksdotter (wife of Jonas)

Both parties hereby acknowledge that we are satisfied with the agreement made in this contract. 

                        Date as above

                        Buyer:                        Henrik Jonsson Södergren

                        Wife                         Kerstin Pehrsdotter


                        Witness:                        Pehr Göransson

                                                Olof Ros of Öijaren


On September 17, 1830, it was humbly requested that the Royal Court Judgment of August 16th of last year conduct the following assessment on the homestead of settler Henric Jonsson Södergren of Öijarn:

1.       A cottage building with only one room in usable condition

2.       A barn with a fireplace and half a hearth in usable condition

3.       A barn in usable condition

4.       A milk shed in usable condition

4 malings of open land that is reasonably cultivated 

It is hereby examined, appraised, and certified.

                        Hammerdahl and Finnvattnet on above date

                                                Pär Brännholm of Fyrås

                                                Sven Jönsson of Ridge


It was here that Anders Wäll later built a farm.  He built a duplex house which was later divided.


It is hereby completed through this signed contract with former settler J.  Dahlstedt of Öijarn {the seller?} that I {Anders Wäll} legally acquire one-fourth (¼) of an acre on one of these new homesteads, dares, with producing located in nearby Borges  bindings and evidence from the clergy, respectfully understands, the dividing of this homestead, which now ta kes place immediately, received attachment of wages and this new homestead buildings, and to also receive a large property space which can reply for 1½ acres.

                        Hammerdal and Öijarn on September 2, 1832

                                                Henric Jonsson Södergren of Öijarn


This Royal Court Judgment shall protect and allow the settler {Henric Jonsson Södergren} as the legal tenant with complete ownership rights to the new Royal Government Homestead in Öijarn. as follows the undersigned in wrong and responsible trust for the new homestead buildings qualified maintenance and care, as well as pay the correct tax payments at the designated time to the Royal Government.  Certified and acknowledged in Ström on August 25, 1832

                        Witness:                        Erik Ersson                                                    

                                                Eric Svensson

                                                Olof Ol ofsson of Öhn

                                                                        Mårten Jönsson of Öhn


The men who guarantee this are lease holders and are well-known and completely trustworthy.  Certified by M. Nilsson (Municipal Sergeant)


Settler Hindric Jonsson of Öjaren was born in this Parish in 1786.  He has good Christian knowledge modest and decent morals and he also ta kes advantage of Salvation through the Means of Grace.  Certified in Ström on October 30, 1830.

                                                Harald Gerdahl, Assistant Vicar

[1] easy or uneasy?

[2] what is a forest hut?

[3] latter is right?

[4] what year?

[5] 311 Rd, 5 Sp, 4 Rd Banko  I don’t understand how to write this where Rd appears twice.

[6] cousin of whom? proper name?