Mårten Andersson 

Table 23 (75)

Mårten Andersson4, Agnis Edberg3, Kerstin Randklef 2, Agnis Nilsdotter1 & Måns Essing1


Mårten Andersson


Aug 30, 1770


Mårten was a farmer in Djupsjön, Kall.










Oct 30, 1803




Kerstin Jönsdotter 


Mar 31, 1774






Feb 23, 1859




Anders Mårtensson


July 28, 1804






Sep 23, 1804




Annika Mårtensdotter


Sep 10, 1805



Table 67



Nov 27, 1888




Anders Mårtensson


Feb 8, 1808



Table 68



Aug 26, 1887




Jonas Mårtensson


Feb 24, 1811



Table 69



Dec 24, 1896









Photograph (75)





This photograph of Djupsjön was taken in the 1950's.

Lars Jacobsson lived on the upper farm during his lifetime.  The other was owned jointly by Jonas and Anders Mårtensson (1741-1803 and not 1808-1887?).  It was paid for with day work.  Jöns Svensson lived on a farm that is beyond the hayfield and cannot be seen in this photograph.  That farm was called Pelles.  Per Andersson probably lived on that farm later. 

Margareta Mårtensson of Tångeråsen loaned me this photograph.






Differences of opinion arose between the Gustaf and Carlberg Copper Mining Company and the heirs of deceased farmer Anders Mårtensson of Djupsjön, Kall Parish, Jemtland. 

His {Anders Mårtensson’s} nearest children were entitled to be the farm tenants as the heirs of their father {Anders Mårtensson}. 

Since the son {Mårten Andersson} has had problems with the County Governor’s Office, his brother-in-law (Anders Jacobsson} comes and tells him {Mårten Andersson} about the Copper Mining Company’s assumption of his father-in-law’s (Anders Mårtensson} contract of April 10, 1773 between the late Geschvornern [1] and the Company Trustee Edelfält.

The County Governor’s Office did not like the Judgment of December 23rd, acknowledging that the heirs of Anders Mårtensson had greater rights than their father’s {Anders Mårtensson} contract as a Company farmer would imply.


But there considered also his (Anders Mårtensson}

to the good points of the Royal Government Homesteaders near the {Norwegian?} border,

and therefore he {County Governor Office} added in the name of the Royal Government 

that the rights of a Royal Government Homesteader

are only derived from and founded on an individual’s legal or illegal status,

without acknowledging that the undeniable owner is the Copper Mining Company,

and who, according to the County Governor’s Office in this clear Judgment

referenced in the Permission Letter of December 7, 1767,

received the right to these new homestead buildings in Djupsjö

to denounce the Company Worker

as the words themselves contained in the Permission Letter.


Then the affected tenants of the Copper Mining Company own to snug

by such a County Governor Office for in clear opening,

which is such as the Royal Government Homesteads

from this time

to not regard these homesteads as available to any private individual,

put in under the County Governor Office by and  adding to,

without belonging to the Company,

as protected through the Royal Government Special Stipulations

for the Copper Mining Company in Norrland of August 9, 1673

and the Royal Government Letter of July 10, 1749

for the affected tenants of the Gustaf and Carlberg Copper Mining Company,

concerning it, the Copper Mining Company may take up the cottages and the homesteads and use the mountain region at their liberty.


The County Governor’s Office in 1767 had not made any other Decision concerning the ability of the Copper Mining Company to grant a Royal Government Homestead. 

The Company is damaged without such privileges and if they are not able to receive the return of the property

to the first Royal Government’s disposal. 


Of now a tenant farmer or lessee,

who on this occasion and not through some Royal Court Judgment of ownership rights

opening become,

such as on this Djupsjö Land, by that nature share and be,

including Nobility save as that which the tenant familiar to and received by

the farm’s owner or master some hereditary possession conditions

for himself and his heirs,

which does not follow for such a donation within this generation,

that blood has for the consideration of the contract fulfillment,

some preference for the one or the other children. 



A homesteader, through neglecting to fulfill his obligation to the Copper Mining Company and legally becoming it’s inheritable owner = rights lost

frontier certainly not close to a Royal Government Homestead in which condition position. 



The County Governor Office Judgment was entered as approved evidence for Mårten Andersson. 

It stated that his father {Anders Mårtensson} had received in his own name and at his own expense

a taxable condition on the new homestead buildings in Djupsjö,

which were denied him in contract,

but to have expense knowledge for sound hereditary possession order,

in consideration of the previous time order,

but afterwards, by the Mercy of the Royal Government,

the farm and the forest division is further canceled. 




But the contract also contains and counts

the forest house

the tendency to break up and cultivate the farm

and tax purchase right as provided by the Copper Mining Company,

which gives entirely more than oneself clearly express to homesteader

does not provide justice

to one that desires a farm taxable condition in his name

from former Company Inspector Sparrmans Certificate



Since the Copper Mining Company did not approve it, he does not get the rights to the land where charcoal wood lies within 1½ mils {9 American Miles} of that and were 2 from Båtleden to Hyttorne

testifies to either of lack of understanding or construction[2],

that the housekeeping is neglected

that he is still accountable and responsible for it.




To the tenant through a lengthy lawsuit brought by that farm,

there has never been other,

concerning the violent repossession of 15 loads of hay

from across the meadow that neighbors want tillvälla [3] him and still used to this day.



Finally he {Mårten Andersson} helped his father {Anders Mårtensson} with the farming, which was the smallest reason to declare. 

The father {Anders Mårtensson}, on the other hand, made an exhausting trip towards the end of his lifetime to the landlord, Copper Mining Company Manager Polheimer. 

He made a prayer and request that only his son {Mårten Andersson} and not any of the other children be given the farm after his lifetime ends. 

This was to be given to his son {Mårten Andersson} in exchange for Reserved Rights for his widow and his other children. 


Under the expectations of Noble Mr. Mine Company President

and the Royal Court the High Justice of trying of this civil suit perseveres.



Out of this civil suit, the widow {Agnis Edberg} of Anders Mårtensson and the son-in-law {Anders Jakobsson} should each admit guilt and restore the Title Deed within 14 days, after which each is to pay a partial fine of 1 Riksdaler 32 Species. 


                        District Office in Hernösand 

                        August 26, 1806

                        Seller:                          Carl von Nieroth Magn


After a favorable request in Company Manager Polheimer’s explanation

over the Copper Mining Company,

and afterwards with the high blessing alleged difficulty

with his moved arose,

who had previously denounced me (Mårten Andersson} from the Royal Government Homestead in Djupsjön,

I {Mårten Andersson} submit some high necessary reminders, herewith presented with great respect. 


It was conceded to those affected people in a proclamation from the Gustaf and Carlberg Copper Mining Company in 1760

received sig  Royal Court Judgment of ownership rights to the Company Farms in Djupsjö

for the settler,

reduce the Company Workers Johan Randklef and Per Bergström

who received very little or nothing

from the new homestead from my deceased father {Anders Mårtensson},

such as with the contract completed with the Company Manager Edelfeldt  dated  April 10, 1773

(No 3 show compensation for a small amount of work that was discontinued)


But one’s own  rights to build new homestead buildings

in Djupsjö leased property and the manor house,

which also should be granted,

was during the entire dispute subjected with

the adjacent National Works in Berg Parish, the Royal Court, and Östbacken Municipal Government summer mountain pasture from Altsens Sn ,

which after receiving Lease Letter and Judgment,

made an equitable claim on the same cottages and afterwards

the Royal Court Judgment of ownership rights dated  December 4, 1774,

from there broken, completed taking the dispute to the Royal Court,

where it was first heard on April 15, 1790.


According to the sixth point of the completed contract

(No. 3 between the Copper Mining Company Manager Edelfeldt and my father Anders Mårtensson),

he {______} well ought to appear in expensive smaller Court proceedings and ceremonies.


but a dispute with so many adjacent people,

by whose departure affected the very existence of the new homestead buildings,

it is also known that it is reasonably the responsibility of the current tenants to complete,

without the interests of the Company,

in case these proceedings considered him as the legal owner of the Company Farms in Djupsjö nearby,

which unquestionably did not happen. 



Without which the settler, left to his own destiny,

is compelled to himself, under sacrifice of inheritance and property

in 16 years time to not only assert new homestead building rights,

but also to pay annual interest on them after the expiration of the tax-free years in 1783.


Before the dispute was settled and put into the Royal Government Minutes,

without and to in the matter of taxation manner cause humble application

with the Royal Government may, as in working to

the Judgment of Djupsjö farm

commission taxation after the Company method,

about this deeds with County office witness. 

It was also incontestable that it unquestionably belonged to my father {Anders Mårtensson} and not the Copper Mining Company,

which oneself that establish contract to nothing done. 


In addition, through Company Manager Polheimer,

who denies in consideration of his conceded tenancy rights,

called immediately by the Company administrator,

but wherein my father {Anders Mårtensson} in property by the settler,

and assumption of certain stipulated obligations

had not without[4] fairness been able to enter into a contract with him.

With this certificate from my father’s (Anders Mårtensson} powerful Chamber Administrator Brufeldt (No. 4}


I {Mårten Andersson} have received confirmation, as I have stated,

that the affected tenants of the Copper Mining Company after 1774

except inquired new homesteads in Djupsjö,

or to cause the tenant the smallest lever now on this welfare

that nearly affecting this case, that this certificate places even weight to the certificate,

I {Mårten Andersson} from the Company Inspector Sparrman already lived on ( No. 1}.


Once in more than 20 years time, the Copper Mining Company

had and hereunder also received their principal orders on the Company property. 

This certificate consequently shows neither lack of understanding nor falsehood, and the willing withdrawal by my father {Anders Mårtensson} with beggar’s staff in hand is proof that he had no expectation of assistance from the Copper Mining Company.


The Company Manager additionally tries in his explanation

to give tax freedom from the Copper Mining Company to the new homesteads in Djupsjö

on the homesteads

under the Copper Mining Company

in support of the 1673 Royal Government Special Stipulations

and the 1749 Royal Government Letter.


with this is a mistake

farm is in the following by the

Royal Court Judgment  of  April 19, 1790

and according to a legitimate certificate by this writer Granbom (No. 5) 

in property Deed Books inhabited for the Royal Government

and ignored by all after 1783

thereof paid annual interest, taxes, and burdens to the  Royal Government,

but not any to the mountain regions rightful owners (the Company???}.


With preparation thereon is also beginning

did the other decision that the new Royal Government Homesteads in Djupsjö

cannot be received before the homesteaders are able to take the same tax redemption. 


The affected tenants of the Copper Mining Company in power by privilege

had reason to acquire their farms under mountain save,

which had then not only to homesteader spend with many adversaries

than smaller attacked with indifference,

for some interest thereon was constituted the Royal Government after the end of the years of tax-freedom, which happens in 23 years time. 


It is also not only customary, but also completely necessary,

to now the Copper Mining Company practice,

which reduces jobs to homesteader received under mountain save,

given to them as necessary advance money before the crops can be harvested. 


But now such advantage occasion my father {Anders Mårtensson} never which by work not paid

a portion now advanced on his work,

without receiving himself under support, need and poverty

pay for new homestead buildings in Djupsjö taking,

the sullen lease to the Royal Government that was placed

on certain manor house on Djupsjö leased property a

already through the Royal Court Judgment on ownership rights dated December 7, 1774

throws here oneself the concept of mountain regions rights over down.


The manor houses never knew peace between the settlers and the estate property owners,

incursion may be used but as sullen lease

therefore was paid to the Copper Mining Company,

they have to work to escape this obligation,

annually charged to an account on the settlers lease,

and with that the same

that further separated them from any relationship between the Company Farms in Djupsjö and the Royal Government Homesteads. 


Finally it pleases the Company Manager

more than after the death of my father {Anders Mårtensson}

to tax assess me

for disobedience against him and opposition against my other siblings

with that under the alleged reason of there also,

that the Company gotten in charge of my father {Anders Mårtensson},

to add the tenant on the farm with his crescent  years 

to adventurers will the Company Manager

with that disguised the process with the notice,

which then took place to ask for morning fast is driven from the farm.


I {Mårten Andersson} shall show this certificate to the entire Kall Parish if it is required. This certificate shows that I, from my youngest years and often without clothes on my body, was my father’s (Anders Mårtensson} single helper with the homesteading and cropland. 

My father {Anders Mårtensson} was destitute and unable to hire any hired help, which is necessary in addition to a son.

I {Mårten Andersson} have never wanted to displace my other siblings, and to not divide the farm and take care of our mother in old age is heathenish.


A legal team of the Copper Mining Company or his representative,


I {Mårten Andersson} on this occasion cannot acknowledge and do not need, as my father’s (Anders Mårtensson} only son claiming first born rights to the Djupsjö farm,

without then owned for a day

that this farm belongs to the Royal Government and does not have any tax freedom from the Copper Mining Company and that the affected tenants of the Copper Mining Company have never discontinued any payments,

and that the tenants who conducted the dispute of new homestead buildings consisted,

there under and afterwards by the farm paid all taxes and burdens to the Royal Government.


I {Mårten Andersson} also dare with this certificate of my character (No. 2 previously submitted to Your High Grace)

with deepest respect provided by me the great justice and that patronage,

that not of that loose reasons the Copper Mining Company Manager Polheimer stated had lost my ownership rights to Djupsjö farm,

without in support by the more Royal Government Constitution of the Royal Government Homesteads and their possessions becomes retained,

because to give no one encouragement to start new homesteading,

of the same after more than 30 years course of events,

and afterwards they become reprocessed may be able to in the control of after agreement by an unfamiliar property man or his administrator who had not even lifted his little finger. 

While awaiting your Gracious Judgment, I {Mårten Andersson} continue with my deepest respect to Your High Grace. 

From your humblest servant,             Mårten Andersson of Djupsjön through Jac.  Biberg


Concerning the Order of the Copper Mining Company Manager Polheimer of March 7th of last year,

I {Mårten Andersson} assert that being removed from the Royal Government Homesteads in Djupsiö, Kall Parish,

which my deceased father {Anders Mårtensson} mostly cultivated,

and now with the exclusion of me his only son by the Copper Mining Company Manager


release this procedure to my brother-in-law {Anders Jacobsson},


I {Mårten Andersson} believe this is prohibited and illegal. 


This compels me with deepest respect to go to Your High Grace, the highest protector of the homesteader and farmer,

and to implore you to interpret these conditions and make a judgment with the wisdom of God.


My future wife {Kerstin Jönsdotter} and I {Mårten Andersson} dare hope to not forfeit the rights that are supposed to go to the tenant of my father’s (Anders Mårtensson} farm,

in which case his widow {my mother}, with whom my wife and I {Mårten Andersson} are Tax Registered, will not be able to make beneficial use of this farm.


I {Mårten Andersson} have also attached this certificate that was completed before an administrator {Company Inspector Sparrman} of the Company in Jemtland. 

This certificate confirms that in 1773 my father {Anders Mårtensson}, was included in the contract with the current representative of the Copper Mining Company (Manager Edelfeldt} for the new homesteads in Djupsiö.


The work was completely abandoned and the prolonged process,

which the settlers must endure with a läntsande  summer mountain pasture from Altsens Sn  for one’s rights to receive a new homestead on the Djupsiö leased property

which process was finally taken to the Royal Court, and after 16 years it was decided,

under which my father {Anders Mårtensson},

who however after tax-free years are completed is compelled to pay taxes and burdens on the staked out new homesteads,

which by summer mountain pastures denies, and our Municipality through their cattle was consumed and grazed,

who was finally impoverished and in deep debt,

to he was well-nigh near, to leave from all his work, then probably finish afterwards with the Royal Court is trained. 


Later, the legal status of the new homestead buildings in Djupsjö was determined through the Royal Court Judgment of April 15, 1790.

The farm was broken up and cultivated by my father {Anders Mårtensson}

and in preparation of the tax levy thereby

appointed by Your High Grace

given over by him to Copper Mining Company Manager Polheimer on behalf of the Company

this new homestead proclaims

to my brother-in-law (Anders Jacobsson} as the tenant there, and under my command, 

to go from there,

although I {Mårten Andersson}, but neither my sister {Kerstin Andersdotter} nor my older[5] brother-in-law {Anders Jacobsson} contributed the slightest amount to this farm cultivation. 

I {Mårten Andersson} therefore am so bold as to humbly implore Your High Grace that my wife and frail children should not be thrown off of my father’s {Anders Mårtensson} farm without so much as a single consideration for the son of the former tenant. 

with power from the Royal Government Homesteads was made statute

in particular the Royal Court Judgment of February 21, 1789, Part 16,

has ownership and possession rights to it.


Since I {Mårten Andersson} am only skillful at farming, I have enclosed 2 certificates from trustworthy people living on Kall Parish farms as a testament.


therefore I {Mårten Andersson} dare flatter myself with Gracious Judgment,

and be so bold as to finally and with great humility and apprehension,

that until your Gracious Judgment in this case occurs,

to have the benefit of the patronage of Your High Grace

and conditions that upon this retained farm,

with the rights by that the same to this time faultless use and utilization. 


I {Mårten Andersson} continue with deepest respect to Your High Grace.

From your humble meekness.  submitted by Mårten Andersson of Djupsjön and Kall Parish

After our father {Mårten Andersson[6] of Djupsjön} reached the age of 64 years, and he is no longer able to verb the impending farm lease,

For the fulfillment of these conditions, he released his ownership rights to the new homestead for the Reserved Rights contained in this contract. 

That customarily District Court is legal proceedings favorably

gives obtaining on dividing the new homestead in Djupsjö in half,

which we asked for in humility of Judgment,

for becomes with Esteemed High Willvise [7] Judge, as the District Court older humblest servant.

                                                Anders Mårtensson 

                                                Jonas Mårtensson of Djupsjön

On October 29, 1833, the undersigned in the Royal Government Homestead in Diupsjön, according to the customary District Court Judgment of September 17, 1833 made an examination and inventory of the new homestead buildings

goodness and expires for the period of breaking up. 

New homestead building and possessions that Mårten Andersson Vederhållit  

acquired homestead from his father {Anders Mårtensson}

according to the Royal Court Judgment Letter of October 19, 1820:

1.     Open land containing 28 malings, of which 2 parts can be seeded each year and which in an average year can yield 180 shocks of grain.  Good adjacent land of fertile soil by most sanblandad  Römylla to the out with which can possibly be fertilized on the new homestead.

2.     Hemengs hay land that yields a total of 25 loads of hay each year.

3.     A summer mountain pasture located close to the new homestead that can provide 18 loads each year.

4.     Forest hay land of which we are not able to itemize the number of loads without an additional accounting of what is born each year.

5.     This farm can feed 2 horses, 18 cows and 50 goats or sheep with their offspring each year.

6.     The fence on one side of the property is completed with 616 fathoms and the lake on the other side.

7.     The house on this new homestead is in reasonably good condition since a new cottage was built to help the 2 present tenants.

8.     Fishing rights on half of Djupsjön owned under the new homestead in Djupsjö.

9.     Forest to the extent needed for the sawmill.

Our examination of this document is hereby affirmed with our names signed below.

                        Date as above

                        Parish Constable Anders Ol ofsson of Sellsved

After responsibility by Government County Sheriff

                                                J. P. Nyblén

                                                Salmon Salmonsson of Grötom

                                                Erik Ersson of Mon Juror


Furthermore, after dissolution of this,

of the District Court likewise had him also,

to advantageously own and cottages that 2 special

the farm tenants there are able to be of the landowner class. 

Therefore, the District Court finds it reasonable that such a division is beneficial.

[1] German for jury?

[2] lack of wisdom or falsehood?  lack of wisdom or negligence?

[3] pasture?

[4] not in fairness?

[5] Mårten Andersson born in 1770 so Anders Jacobsson born in 1782 would be 12 years younger, rather than older?

[6] maybe should be Anders Mårtensson here?

[7] Very Wise?