Kerstin Andersdotter

Table 24 (84)

Kerstin Andersdotter4, Agnis Edberg3, Kerstin Randklef 2, Agnis Nilsdotter1 & Måns Essing1


Kerstin Andersdotter


Mar 31, 1774

Kerstin lived in





Djupsjön, Kall.







Anders Jakobsson 


Mar 18, 1782





May 1854



Agnis Andersdotter


Nov 5, 1809


Table 70



June 29, 1889





July 10, 1808








Jacob Andersson


Sep 28, 1812





Oct 4, 1812





The Royal Court Judgment in Wästernorrland County Judgment

upon Mårten Andersson of Djupsjön and Kall Parish

From there, the complaint was conveyed to the administrator of the Gustaf and Carlberg Copper Mining Company, Manager Polheimer. 


During March 7th of last year he {Mårten Andersson} implied,

from Djupsjö by his {Mårten Andersson} deceased father {Anders Mårtensson}

to the biggest portion reprocessed new Royal Government Homestead moved

and in their place

their deceased brother-in-law {Anders Jakobsson} commissioned the livestock thereof,

which Mårten Andersson was of the opinion

for soil composure fighting and on such reason therein to change and correct the claim,

yet of which Copper Mining Company Manager Polheimer stated,

on the other hand Mårten Andersson with reminders depend on

also that Anders Jakobsson and the widow {Agnis Olsdotter} of the deceased {Anders Mårtensson}

became heard in the County Office in Hernösand on December 23, 1806.


Lesser than the security of the new homestead,

which finally becomes approved through the Royal Court Judgment of April 15, 1790

and finally to Anders Mårtensson after tax-free years are finished

obtained and expensive now provisional tax levy of the farm

which resembled what the Föllinge and Ströms Laplander had that was established

on occasion of which Mårten Andersson cautions. 


To not lower Anders Märtenssons

who was his {_________} only son {____________},

the ownership rights to the farm are incontestable,

by which the Copper Mining Company Manager Polheimer

who did not want to permit Inspector Sparrman’s certificate substantiating some tax and the work,

opposite free deed be that with quoted the tenant contract agreement

and declared that the farm should be considered to be owned by the Copper Mining Company except for Natun ,


The Copper Mining Company finally issued an order on the legal distribution of the inheritance rights to this farm after Anders Jakobsson had given his explanation.

The order was that Mårten Andersson and Anders Jakobsson should each receive permission to live on one-half of the farm this year until the assessment and liquidation is completed and the legal distribution of the inheritance can be established.


Which with had more stated become and deeds contain

the Royal Court Judgment of legality

concerning the inheritance of ownership rights,

and which the Copper Mining Company has not ruled otherwise,

now under the new homestead buildings rights gotten these cottages opened for him,

therefore reduces first the demand for tax freedom from the Copper Mining Company,

but because deceased Anders Mårtensson lived on it

only a land-farmer of the Copper Mining Company can be granted these rights for himself and his heirs, for larger rights than these can not be added afterwards. 


However, as Royal Government rights there under depend,

that his property is not neglected, but is duly managed and cared for

and consequently that also must become the Royal Court Judgment right,

that with changed by land farmer. 


Royal Government best watch and guard

is found the Royal Court Judgment

reasonable in resemblance with had concerning the tenant circumstances,

by the Royal Government Homesteads steadied is and by which the question being settled the tenant = rights to properties our limits,

that Mårten Andersson as such not alone oldest,

without and single son,

and who helped his father {Anders Mårtensson} in the cultivation of this Royal Government Homestead in Djupsjö,

may the tenant = the District Court thereof under established which so much the better have taken possession.


He is well-known for his good character and for being an industrious worker, and his farm should not be divided between Mårten Andersson and Anders Jakobsson.

The Copper Mining Company made the same recommendation as the Royal Court Judgment


after kjädt  investigation which of this District Court report approves,

the prospective Mårten Andersson and his joint heirs

not be surrendered by the Copper Mining Company

legally ask for compensation for expensive Court proceedings and other legal proceedings, as far as the contract can justify them.


Anyone who is dissatisfied with this Judgment may, if he regards himself as having a legitimate claim,

within 4 months from receiving this portion of the evidence,

every month counted at 30 days,

married into their difficulties in the Royal Court,

incumbents that beside troublesome,


with the exception of poor country folk and those who take care of the claims of underage children

that either himself or through representatives in the Royal Court

that early take in and deliver information

inconvenience written afterwards with the Royal Court Judgment become provided,

that qualified proof thereof may, within 2 months from such Judgment date,

feel is given to the Royal Court, with adventure,

there that one or the other is neglected to inconvenience not become in the Royal Court to examine taking.


                        Year and Date as above

                                                Carl von Nieroth

(85)                                         Magnus Selling

Judgment on the application from Mårten Andersson of Djupsjön


After that the Company Inspector, {the Esteemed Mr. Christian Aspgren},

managing director of the Gustaf and Carlberg Copper Mining property

through a written summons

allowed summoned farmhand Anders Jacobsson of Djupsjön to undertake and utilize in the spring and summer of last year the one-half (½) of Company Farm No. 1 in the Village of Sellsved belonging to the Copper Mining Company.


In addition these again for the Esteemed Mr. Christian Aspgren

received a summons in asserting that

wherewith the oldest son {Anders Jacobsson} of deceased homestead user {Jacob Andersson} should be the first to receive legal possession of the questioned farm

was helped before the defendant now present Inspector Aspgren in person. 


The Municipal Police Superintendent {the esteemed Mr. Jonas Granbom}

and Anders Jacobsson with their subsidiary representative Municipal Police Superintendent {the Esteemed Mr. Lars Ad.  Grundén}

wherefore Christen Jacobsson was accepted as the farm tenant! 




At this time, Municipal Police Superintendent Granbom made his appearance and put forth his opinion.

Anders Jacobsson, although entitled to nothing from us in this contract, also undertook to live on and farm the Sellsved farm

in half with farmer Christen Jacobsson,

so that the property becomes properly managed by the farmer  

Therefore he must consider after District Court enforcement of Chapter 16 of the Common Laws

and to show evidence over Christen Jacobsson’s powerful ownership rights there came before to there of under the 25th of April of last year

thereof established the undersigned contract between the Gustaf and Carlberg Copper Mining own Patron (the Honorable Mr. 0. Lorichs} and Christen Jacobsson as the legal buyer and owner of this Sellsved farm. 





In addition, it was witnessed by Company Jurors (Anders Bergström and Pehr Malmsten}

for which reason it was shown

such as supporting the contract disposing Christen Jacobsson,

before the older brother {Anders Jacobsson?},

to and their deceased father {Jacob Anderssons}

very much wanted the certificate written up with the following wording:

We were summoned as witnesses to listen to the testimony from farmer {Jacob Andersson of Sellsved} while he was still alive.  This testimony concerned his legal ownership and possession rights of the farm in Sellsved. 

We were present in the deceased (Jacob Andersson} house and he laid nicely on his bed in his room and we listened to him. 

He had strongly stated with clarity and complete sensibility that his last and final wish was that after his death impeccable by their other children and heirs should become currently applicable.

The deceased said in his own words that his son (Christen Jacobsson} has been the softest of all the children. 

That is to say, he had provided the most capable service and from his youngest childhood years had always lived at home and had gone with hand in hand with his parents with total childish devotion, fidelity, and tenderness. 

In addition, his (Christen Jacobsson} wife, Magdalena Ersdotter, when she later came to the live in the house, showed her in-law parents similar tenderness and care. 

For this, they shall have complete and undisputed ownership and enjoyment of the ownership rights on this farm as stated in the contract between the tenants of the Gustaf and Carlberg Copper Mining Company, and which contract is found in the refuge and custody of Christen Jacobsson. 

However, the homestead tenant (Christen Jacobsson} must provide Reserved Rights benefits to his (Christen Jacobsson} mother {} and the wife {} of the deceased (Jacob Andersson} and care for them both until the hour of their deaths. 

The question of how much ought to be granted to them for their Reserved Rights was answered by the deceased, since he knew enough to write an agreement beforehand with Christen.

Remaining was the matter of some debts incurred by the deceased that must be paid by Christen, that I {Nils Bolin} alone listened to the day before.

These obligations were that Christen Jacobsson, as his next of kin, must pay out 12 Riksdaler 16 Species by his own means for horse trading at the Gregori Market in Östersund.

In addition, an old debt for tobacco of 6 Riksdaler 32 Species and a payment of 4 Riksdaler his (Christen} uncle (Olof Mårtensson of Böle} who is the husband of the sister of his mother {Kerstin Andersdotter}. 

Altogether, this constitutes 23 Riksdaler, which Christen must pay.

Finally, there was the matter of a payment between deceased Jacob Andersson and Christen for some grain that the latter had requested but had not been furnished[1]

Both his (Jacob Andersson} wife and the other children had told him (Nils Bolin} this and consequently he was certain of his demand.

It was hereby discussed and reviewed on the morning of this date by the deceased with clarity and complete sensibility, which we confirm with our names and signatures. 

                        Sellsved on August 21, 1812

(87)                                         Jacob Bengtsson of Sellsved

                                                Nils Bolin (Lieutenant)

Lieutenant Bolin acknowledged this testimony after its recitation.


After putting this in the Minutes, Municipal Police Superintendent Grundén came before this lawfully authorized Company Court of the Gustafs and Carlbergs Copper Mining Company on June 21st of last year and placed some excerpts in the Recorded Minutes.

These excerpts in this lawfully authorized Company Court gave Anders Jacobsson a directive of execution of greater possession rights to the Copper Mining Company farm in Sellsved in this dispute.

He notified the District Court that the Gustafs and Carlbergs Copper Mining Company representative and the recently deceased farmer Anders Jacobsson of Ytterocke had established a contract of ownership and possession rights between them on February 7, 1757.

This gives the advantage of greater possession rights to Anders Jacobsson and his heirs and countermands the following excerpts placed in the Court Records on February 12th of last year and approved in the District Court on the same day and parfästad [2]. 

Now it is shown by Municipal Police Superintendent Grundén that the rights of Anders Jacobsson to possess this farm were at least as great as his brother’s. 


With the same location that the Copper Mining Company

by the father’s {Jacob Andersson} prompt response gave disposal of legal possession,

which took place after the father’s (Jacob Andersson} death last summer,

not or become guarded know convey to breakdown by the treaty rights,

the widow and children jointly at least for this Ström

than should belong to

and by reason of which Anders Jacobsson which and that between the Copper Mining Company and brother entered into the tenant contract been uninformed,

to utilize one-half (½} of the farm in spite of his {} ownership rights. 

That to the extent have which he of lived on seriously with their other siblings in presence of Adjutant Minister Lars Eric Festin and Mr. Eric Eriksson of Nedgärd already established by the written contract of October 5, 1812, that also is in property by appendix came before, and confirmed by Mr.  Eric Eriksson. 

This contract stated that the mother presently lived on the farm settled agreement else between the Copper Mining Company and her son Christen in consideration of therefore received Reserved Rights benefits for her,

were dissatisfied and discontented, demanded liberation for their responsible authority by responsibility for utilize, and beneficial possession before his brother of the farm. 

The parties agree upon a time given for consideration, but then do not know it is received give by witness Lieutenant Bolin is a paid invoice. 


As sanctioned by the District Court, this contract is made in complete compliance with Chapter 5 of the Common Laws and the Royal Court Judgments of June 13, 1800 and March 2, 1802.

This contract stated that the widow {Brita Andersdotter???} of Jacob Andersson and his other heirs shall have joint rights to the benefits and the right to live on the Sellsved Farm as the next of kin.

Now this one-sided contract

during moving time

for the widow as well as the son (Anders Jacobsson} ohörden [3]

was entered into without consideration

and by the time the father {Jacob Andersson} does but until now undetermined decision,

they want the District Court to give partitions open,

so at the next moving time it is agreed upon or in defect thereof purchase share of legal possession. 

In case does not through assessment found out late for division there can be allowed,

and information on the ownership rights to be responsible for preferably thereof afrämjas [4],

the prospective buyer in

however Anders Jacobsson

who under punitive and owning moving time rights

on the farm harvest undertaken from responsibility

is therefore acquitted and Rgs  Rgterad  portion between this is acknowledged. 


But the payment of the fees to witness Lieutenant Bolin are the responsibility of Inspector Aspgren who had summoned him. 


Anders life came to an end.  There was an autopsy and a hearing to see how it had happened.  The autopsy was partly to determine the cause of death and partly to determine how the cost of carrying out the autopsy will be paid.

Farmer {Per Ol ofsson of Sellsved} and his wife {Agnes Andersdotter who was the only child of Anders Jacobsson} and witnesses farmer Jonas Andersson and the tenant living on this place (Eric Halfvarsson of Sellsved} were summoned to this hearing.

For that reason Per 0lofsson,

who said he was called upon by Anders Jacobsson after he left his wife {Kerstin Andersdotter} a widow who filed her claim in this case,

said that 4 days before Anders Jacobsson relinquished his life and during all the time afterwards, Anders Jacobsson had shown himself to be extremely gloomy and depressed and complained of a headache.  He said he intended to ask for a cure for this headache from the Priest, but he had still not come. 

On Tuesday on the 9th of May of last year, he was missing from the farm and even though they began to search for him immediately, suspecting that any[5] made against him, they found his corpse on Thursday the 12th in a little nearby forest.  He held a bloody knife in his higher hand and he had a wound in his neck from the knife.

Agnes Andersdotter did not have any pertinent information to give them. 

joint him both about that Anders Jacobsson had always led a quiet and God-Fearing life and had been respected and beloved by all. 

Jonas Andersson and Eric Halfvarsson were sworn in as witnesses since no challenge was entered and no charges were found against them. 

Jonas had neither seen nor heard Anders complain, and he had not been in the company of Anders for many days.

Eric Halfvarsson had been the first to find the body of Anders Jacobsson lying dead in the forest with a bloody knife in his hand and with his face against the ground, revealing his wound and blood on his neck from the knife.

Afterwards the following written testimony was entered about Anders Jacobsson: 

Farmer Anders Jacobsson was born and died in Sellsved.  He was born in 1782 and had revived[6] Christian knowledge, lived a quiet and proper life and lived in accordance with the Means of Salvation.

Certified in Undersåker on June 3, 1854   

Js Buström Pastor


From the information obtained from Anders Jacobsson’s acquaintances in the days before his life came to an end, it can be reasonably concluded that he became crazy in the head, which was capably pointed out by the first pair of witnesses in District Court. 

Chapter 13.  Missgl  of the District Court and the Royal Court Judgment of October 27, 1725[7] and complying with the Royal Court Explanation of August 4, 1827, it was reasonably decreed that Anders Jacobsson’s body shall be buried without comment. 

It was the responsibility of Anders Jacobsson’s heirs and the executor of his estate to pay the cost of 25 Riksdaler 9 Species to Municipal Doctor Grenholm for the autopsy on the body of Anders Jacobsson.

[1] Christen had not been furnished the grain?  or Christen had not paid for the grain?

[2] is finalized?

[3] unaffected? unowned? unheard of?

[4] afrämjas ?

[5] attack?

[6] received?

[7] 100 years ago?