Olof Grönlund

Table 120

Olof Grönlund5, Erik Grönlund4, Agnes Essing3, Anders Essing2, Agnis Nilsdotter1 & Måns Essing1


Olof Grönlund


Aug 30, 1820


Company Worker in Huså










Dec 27, 1849




Katarina Karlsdotter


Feb 17, 1829






Dec 27, 1902




Erik Gustaf Grönlund


Feb 17, 1850


Erik emigrated to the USA on June 1, 1873.








Anna Grönlund


July 18, 1852






Apr 29, 1919




Carl Grönlund


Aug 10, 1855






Apr 28, 1856


Carl died of respiratory illness.


Carl Grönlund


Apr 13, 1857






Mar 20, 1924




Jonas Grönlund


Dec 12, 1859










Elisabeth Grönlund


Sep 11, 1862






Apr 15, 1913




Katarina Grönlund


Aug 6, 1865






Feb 26, 1939




Olof Grönlund


Dec 4, 1867


To Trondheim November 22, 1902








Christina Grönlund


Dec 8, 1868


I have found no information on Christina.








Anders Grönlund


Jan 2, 1872






Apr 6, 1872




On July 6, undivided farmer Erik Axelsson Borins of Berge, Kall Parish, born on September 28, 1879 notifies for T. F.[1] Royal Government Official, that his daughter {Helena} had been raped by Company farm owner Olof Ersson Grönlund of Huså.

This girl had been examined by the parish midwife afterwards, and she attested that the girl was definitely raped and was most likely ruined for the rest of her life. 

Then Olof Ersson Grönlund on Sunday, July 7th,

its on Mörsils railroad station afresh enterprise hearing

in the presence of station Inspector Hjertman and Parish Constable Olof Pettersson of Ocke,

Grönlund has after a brief denial

Afterwards the girl Helena repeated her story that he had committed child rape.

Olof Ersson Grönlund gave the following statement:

He was born on August 30, 1820.  His parents were now deceased.  They were Company farm owners Erik Olsson Grönlund and his wife {Elisabet Jonasdotter} from Huså, Kall Parish,

He resided on his parents farm all the time until 1849.  He then took over his parents farm in Huså, and he inherited this farm in 1885. 

Although jan  both still remained there with the enjoyment of Reserved Rights provided by the same.

He had made some incidental voyages to adjacent Parishes.

He had attended a small-school in Huså in his childhood and there he had learned to read and write from a small-school teacher by the name of Hans Jonsson Rödin.

He was confirmed in the summer of 1835 in Kall Church by Company Preacher Horrman. 

He had 6 siblings, of which there were 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

He had married his still living wife in 1840.  She was farmer’s daughter Katarina Karlsdotter from the Village of Konäs in Kall Parish.

He and his wife had produced 8 still living children consisting of 4 boys and 4 girls and an they had two additional children that are now dead.

His parents, like appeal[2] his wife and himself, had always lived in poverty.

He had never before been convicted of a crime for which he had received even the slightest punishment.

He had units of Tax Registered Land and he had made tax payments in Husä and Kall Parish in this County.          

Date as above

Abraham Staaff




Judgment of August 9, 1889

Because appeal Olof Ersson Grönlund

has voluntary admitted in the legal proceedings inlaid circumstances

is hereby legally convicted to have committed child rape in his home on a during Huså in homestead located in Kall Parish on Thursday the 27th of next lidne  June with the daughter {Helena} of farmer Erik Axelsson Borin and his wife Märta Ersdotter. 

Helena, according to the legal evidence that was presented by a certified priest, was born on September 28, l879 and consequently had still not yet reached 12 years of age.

Grönlund confessed that this child rape crime ta kes place during these circumstances, and therefore he was also found responsible for violent tägt [3] of gentle Helena Borin.

Grönlund, who for the entire time after 1849 had been united in marriage with his still living wife {Catarina Carlsdotter} from this evidence is found guilty to hors crime and is sentenced in District Court under Statute 18 Chapter 7, Statute 15 Chapter 12, and Statute 4 Chapter 1, Statute 1 and 17 Chapter 1 in the same District Court.

He {Olof Ersson Grönlund} was justly sentenced to serve seven years for this crime

is against and then T. F.[4]  Municipal Sergeant A. Staaff confirmed his authority that not appeal

demanded that Grönlund compensate the father of Helena Borin for expenses which had been incurred in the legal proceedings for the witnesses testimony and for the medical care of gentle Helena with more,

that in consideration of this makes a demand that the District Court shall, without consideration,

Grönlund shall, as a result of this Judgment, be taken back into custody as a District Court prisoner.  <Long direct evidence>

                        Year and Date as above

                        On behalf of this District Court

(373)                                       Albert Olsén




I hereby come before the court with an excerpt from the tax collection books for the Royal Government as well as for Municipal Taxes showing

which amount me for this five years ålegat  that pay and it hereby confirms that the defendant’s claim that he made a payment in the bank book is false and completely worthless.

It was unintended that I enjoyed tax freedom for part of the year because of poverty,

that near the defendant not been able to ditty of and that husbands I had been responsible that except referred to Royal Government and Municipal Tax,

taken part in the farm’s other taxes and burdens for I renew my summons asserting and humbly claiming that the defendant pledged to repay me the 116 Riksdaler 51 Species that he owed me,

from which I shall pay the Royal Government and Municipal Taxes, according to the records presented by me, consisting altogether of 24 Riksdaler 30 outer.

I likewise demand annual interest and compensation for court costs in the exact amount that Olof Lalanders incurred as the executor of the estate. 

Court Session Place

                        Myckelgård on February 16, 1883

                                                Olof Ersson Grönlund of Huså

(374)                                       Christen Lithström (the older)



Regarding themselves legal proceedings,

which, elderly there in not proven,

that exact the contract,

whereby the tenants had received a homestead on the Huså Farm from the plaintiffs

and which contract undeniably contains the terms of the tenants obligations stating that they should pay all taxes and burdens for this farm and also all the personal taxes that are calculated on them and their people,

or by reason of other ratio the plaintiff had been responsible to acknowledge the expenses

for guest provider payment, road policy, soldier payment and school teacher payment, which,

according to the legal proceedings which came before the court between the Copper Mining Company and the plaintiffs

conveyed bank book indicated,

becomes the plaintiff’s expenses for the years from and including 1875 to 1879,

or there in inhabited Royal Government and Municipal tax to higher amount than up to now these,

as far as being of personal composition,

according to the plaintiffs admission and by the provided deeds,


and the Company paid the debt of the Royal Government tax for the aforesaid five years for the total amount of 15 Riksdaler 21 Species and Municipal tax for the years from and including 1875, to and including 1878, for the total amount of 9 Riksdaler 9 Species.


Therefore, the defendant did not show any payment of his debt to the plaintiffs {the Copper Mining Company}, which should go as an acknowledgment that the plaintiffs in this suit were improperly forced to make this payment, and the District Court finds it reasonable, with the approval of the plaintiff’s lawsuit, that the defendant shall be obligated to pay the plaintiffs

according to came before protracted from bank book

become during questioned time the plaintiffs charged to an account,

consisting altogether of 116 Riksdaler 21 Species

After deduction of the Royal Government and Municipal Taxes in the amount of 24 Riksdaler 30 Species, the plaintiffs are officially left the remaining 92 Riksdaler 21 Species[5] at 5 percent annual interest.

[1] T. F. ?

[2] accused?

[3]outrage? taking?

[4] T.F. ?

[5] 116 Riksdalers 21 Species minus 24 Riksdalers 30 Species is 91 Riksdalers 39 Species?