Essing och Randklefsläkten av Inger Jonssön Qvarnström
Essing and Randklef relatives by Inger Jonssön Qvarnström

Essing och Randklefsläkten is a book with over 500 pages that my 5th cousin, Inger Jonssön Qvarnström, of Östersund, Sweden, has written about the ancestors of my paternal grandmother, Anna, going back to my 7th great grandfather, Måns Essing, of Jämtland Sweden. 

The book has many many photographs of relatives and farms in Sweden.  I can order it from Inger if anyone is interested.  She does not have regular internet access at this time.  It costs about $ 75 American dollars with the shipping.

I only speak English and must depend on dictionaries and help from others for all Scandinavian words.

My cousin, Nels Nelson,

is a retired American University biology professor and has been interested in both the English and Scandinavian languages for his entire life and has contributed the majority of my translation efforts.  He does not have internet access at this time and so we communicate by regular mail.

We have been working on this translation project since August of 1997.

I am going to attempt to put the entire book on my web site in both English and Swedish, if Inger gives me permission to do so.  

This is still a work in progress, and I appreciate help and comments from everyone.