Beaver Creek Township was organized April 5, 1886 and given the name of Norway -after the country that the early settlers came from. Four schools were built and school began in 1885. Terms included two months in the fall and three in the spring. In 1885 August Coltom was a director, and E. J. Roste was clerk.

A Township election was held in School No. 4 May 6, 1886, for the purpose of organizing the township and to elect officers. Elected were Alexander Falconer, Chairman; Daniel Bjerke, Supervisor; Peter J. Ostmo, Supervisor; K. H. Brunsdale, Clerk; E. A. Johnson, Treasurer; Knut Johnson, Assessor; Ole Brunsvold, . Justice of the Peace; Nels Maystad, Justice; Lars Martinson and Jens Tenold, Constables; Ole Dahl, Overseer of the Poor; Jens Berge, Pondmaster. Road overseers were Jens Berge, C. C. Christianson, Jacob A. Nelson and Ed A. Johnson.

On October 5, 1904 the name of the township was changed from Norway to Beaver Creek.

The early settlers got their mail at various places, some went to Golden Lake where mail yeas delivered, and others to Cable, which was a post office some 11 or 12 miles west of Northwood; later most went to Northwood, or to Nebo in Westfield Township.

Beaver Creek Township is located about equally distant from five towns, and is divided in three school districts, Northwood, Hatton and Sharon.

Source:  Finley 75th Diamond Jubilee 1897 – 1972 Page 75


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