The original townsite of Blabon was platted May 14, 1903, the South Addition in 1906. Andrew H. Stavens was land owner.

One of the first businesses was a lumber yard built and operated by a Mr. Spurrios. Andrew B. Holt built the General Store, filled the shelves, including one of patent medicines such as Kureco, Dr. Miles Nervine, Sloans Liniment, yes, even a few bottles of Lydia Pinkhams too.

Mr. Holt was the first postmaster, and Adam Berringer the first carrier on the Rural Route out of Blabon. John Berringer had the livery stable; the Borstads the blacksmith shop; Alec Stevens the feed mill, and Martha Sund built the hotel. Monsons started a pool hall and lunch counter; W. J. Sund and E. O. Eastvold brought in an implement business, as did A. L. Stewart, right across the street.

Mr. L. E. Sell was Cashier of the Blabon State Bank when it closed in 1927. Kraabel & Kraabel, which was the first chain-store operation in Steele County, having stores in Hope, Colgate, Clifford and Blabon, were in the two story building erected by George Brager. Frank Johnson started a confectionery store, Emma Johnson a restaurant.

A. J. Hornecker was the first Railway Agent. Gilbert F. Johnson took over in 1910 and held this position for some 50 years. A new depot was built. Gilbert also raised wild turkeys that he sold all over the United States. He still lives in Blabon.

Ed Tranby was manager of the hardware store when it burned, and lives in Blabon. George Brager was Town Constable. The jail had only two known "guests."

An inventor by the name of Gust Westlin worked for years on a perpetual motion machine.

Conrad A. Sund operated a general store from 1917 to 1941. He was appointed postmaster in 1922. At one time Mr. Sund bought a motorcycle and a 5x7 camera and toured the countryside, taking pictures. While not very profitable it did keep the wolves at a respectable distance.

Blabon had a bandstand, and the band directed by Hans Bilden. Their baseball team was made up of Grover Holt, Joe and Alec Cyrus, Lee Miller, Joe Hanson and the Stark Brothers.

After some years of building and growth Blabon could boast 4 elevators, 2 general stores, 2 implement dealers, a hotel and dining room, bank, restaurant, pool hall, meat market, lumber yard, blacksmith shop, a livery stable and dray line, confectionery store, jail, feed mill, a four-room brick school, and a church.

Source:  Finley 75th Diamond Jubilee 1897 – 1972 Page 78


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