It is a privilege to be asked to write the foreword for your seventy-fifth anniversary publication. As an immigrant, I chose North Dakota as my home state because I was married to it. My wife, the former Marion Unkerholz comes from one of the pioneering families of the western part of the state. As a citizen, I cherish with greater emotional feeling the heritage which is now also mine.

This book is being dedicated to the pioneers of this area, our forefathers who had the courage to face odds, the determination to overcome them and the vision for a great future.

We who take for granted our modern amenities should pause to reflect with gratitude upon those who had to endure the hazards of taming a virgin area. Elwyn B. Robinson in "History of North Dakota" writes of the pioneers, "Their victory lay in adapting themselves to the prairie sod houses and dugouts for shelter, fish and game for food, mutual helpfulness and self-reliance, and a concentration of wheat, the crop suited to the northern grassland."

The optimism of our forbearers has given us a heritage which is one reason we who are descendents continue to live here. Those who have migrated to other parts of this land still speak nostalgically of their Great Plains experiences. The past is always to be built upon, thus we of the Lunar area hope that our progeny will look upon us kindly as we do our ancestors.

We also take this opportunity to express our gratitude to each who has contributed to the publication of this book. Our thanks also goes to all who have joined in celebrating the glories of our community.

Rev. Lionel P. A. Muthiah Wesley Methodist Church 31 Djalan Kartini Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia

Source:  Finley 75th Diamond Jubilee 1897 – 1972 Page 1


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