Finley had a bandstand?

Ed Erickson's Buick was a familiar sight in Finley?

Aagot Raaen went on snowshoes or skis to rural schools?

There were ukulele classes at Finley high?

The debates were big in 1912?

Chautauqua shows were the highlight of the summer?

Runaway teams were a common occurrence on Main Street?

The Literary society was the thing in school?

We went swimming at Lynch Lake?

The Fairgrounds were south of town?

Bud Curry, Ida Engen, Rena Engeness and Maud Long played the piano during the silent movies?

Abracadabra was part of High School life?

Gilbert Jordet used a shingle for a check blank?

Doc Heimark's buggy ended up on the flag pole one Halloween?

Gilbert Engen had the first radio station? Finley girls had a basketball teams?

The Marcellean key's possession was a great rivalry?

Snow fell July 4, 1915?

There were ladders on tracks in the shoe stores?

We wore garter belts?

War ration books were a necessity?

We cooked flax seed to make wave setting lotion?

The chimney sweeps came around every spring, and the gypsies most any time in the summer?

The Railway section house was on the right of way?

Source:  Finley 75th Diamond Jubilee 1897 – 1972 Page 134


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