Westfield Township was originally called Clifton. Clifton was organized by a petition of its County Commissioners on May 2, 1888. The first township meeting was held on May 22, 1888 in a one room school house on the Northeast ¼ of Section 14. The name of Clifton was used until April 1, 1895 when interested settlers of the township presented a petition to the County Board for a name change to Westfield.

Some of the early settlers who received their Claim Deed dated as early as 1880 were: James Savage, Christ Ostenson, Torger Bergen, Elias Anderson, Iver Bakken, Thor Ulberg, Nick McCrea, Andrew Syverson, Ole Rockney, Lars Olimb, Anton Leslie, Christ Bentley, Oscar Barret, Andrew Johnson, Al Cockran, John B. Oxton.

Andrew Bergen, a former mail carrier at Sharon, was the first white child born in Westfield Township. He was born in 1882. The Bergen homestead was along the Creek in Section 5.

In 1890 as more pioneers came to Westfield to settle and prove up their claims, the government gave approval to establish two post offices. Tara was placed on Section 5, which is the present home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Palmer. Records indicate that Mrs. Tom Underwood was the first postmistress. Tara was discontinued March 25, 1898 after 7 years and nine months of service. All mail was then sent to Nebo which was located on the James Savage farm, where Mr. and Mrs. Miles Savage now live. The mail came from Hatton about three times a week to Nebo. The post office was also the home of the Savage family, and this building still stands in very good shape at the present time. Nebo was discontinued August 9, 1904 after a little over fourteen years of service. After this date the mail was delivered from Hatton to Sharon.

The records indicate that the first school term for Westfield Township was in 1888-89 with Abraham Hanson teaching the first term and F. E. West the second term for school No. 1. The school was later moved from Section 14 to the Nick McCrea Corner, and was also used for Church gatherings. In 1912 a new school was built on the Southeast ¼ of Section 2 and was known as the Ulberg, school. Anna Swain was the first teacher for school No. 2 in 1889.

S. J. Axdahl, County Supt. of Schools, appointed James Savage as the first treasurer of the Clifton School Township. In 1900 election was held and A. K. Johnson was elected the Chairman of the Westfield school township board with Torger Bergen and Gilbert Bakken as directors. Nick McCrea was elected Clerk and John B. Oxton as treasurer. Later three more schools were built to supply the educational needs of the township children. In 1951 a reorganizational plan was voted on and all children were bused to the Sharon School in town. Westfield Township became a part of the new school district.

In May of 1900, the construction of the Church was begun on land donated by Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Olson, with the first service being held in July of that year. Dedication of the completed Church was in 1905 with Rev. Land as pastor. Hoff Church served the community until 1967 when it was closed and merged with Trinity Church at Sharon.

In 1911 there were 58 occupied farmsteads in Westfield Township, but throughout the years the community has felt the change of the migration of people leaving the farms. At the present time there are 32 occupied farmsteads in Westfield Township with a population of 85 people.

Source:  Finley 75th Diamond Jubilee 1897 – 1972 Page 132


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