One of the oldest drug and pharmaceutical enterprises in North Dakota, Almklov's Drug Store is perhaps the oldest in the state under the management of direct family descendant of the founder.

At the time Mr. S. Almklov purchased the store from Dr. Newell in 1888, Cooperstown and environs were a part of Dakota Territory and consequently Mr. Almklov and his Pharmacy were among the first to be licensed to operate when North Dakota was admitted to statehood.

Mr. Almklov remained in active management of the pharmacy until 1935 when he suffered a heart attack, and retired.

During the nearly 50 years in the drug business he developed many private formulae.  The best known and widely used was the X. E. M. SALVE which has been sold nation-wide and in Canada and Norway and Sweden.

Upon the retirement of Mr. Almklov the business was continued as a family partnership with Dr. L. Almklov and a grandson, Norman Hoel in charge of the operations.

When Dr. Almklov retired and moved to California in 1951, Norman Hoel assumed management, and he and his wife Marie bought the business from the partnership, the store was enlarged and remodeled.  Norman and Marie Hoel continue to operate the Pharmacy as the third generation link in this 87-year-old establishment.

Source Page: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 44


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