John Fredrickson was born in Linkoping Sweden January 5, 1872 and immigrated to the United States at the age of twenty-one.  He settled in Valley City, North Dakota, working in leather-goods for which he had been trained in Sweden in his father's shoe shop.

In 1902 he married Alphild Larson, who was also from Sweden.  They moved to Cooperstown, Griggs County, North Dakota, with son John Jr. in 1904.  Mr. Fredrickson entered the harness business in partnership with Anton Christianson, who was a city policeman.

Mr. Fredrickson sewed the harnesses by hand the first years of the business but later sewing machines were used.  The horses were brought to the front of the shop in order to be fitted properly with harnesses.

Five children were born to John and Alphild Fredrickson after they settled in Cooperstown.  Three of the children, Carl, Ella and Ina died of complications following measles during a three weeks period of time in November of 1909.

After several years Mr. Fredrickson became sole owner of the harness shop and business.

John Fredrickson, Sr. Harness Shop in 1915

In 1932 the store was converted to a Gamble Store and operated by sons, John and Ralph.

John Fredrickson Sr. died in 1936.  Ralph died in 1964 leaving his wife Kennes, sons Michael and Thomas, and daughters Mary and Sharon.

Alphild Fredrickson died in 1966.  Daughter Irene (Mrs. William Crowder) and son John O. Fredrickson survived her.

John O. Fredrickson continued operation of the Gamble Store in the same building in which his father had operated the harness business until his retirement in 1970.  He died in 1975.

John O. Fredrickson was married to the former Ruth Clark.  They had a son, John H. and a daughter Lynne.  There are also three grandchildren: 

1.     Sarah, Kathleen and Aaron, children of Lynne and husband Kevin Effert.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 64


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