Martin Rood was born in Vestre Toten, Norway, on October 2, 1870.  He came to America in 1889 at the age of 19, and stayed with relatives in Wisconsin.  Later he lived with relatives in Oakes, and Ellendale, North Dakota He came to Cooperstown in early 1900, and worked for his brother-in-law, Earnest Johnson, who owned a livery stable.  He told of many experiences he had while taking Dr. Brimi out in the country to see his patients.  He also delivered the mail - one day he would go North of Cooperstown, and the next day South.

He married Ranghild Kobbervig of Lake Mills, Iowa, in 1905, she died in 1906.  They had one daughter, Inez, Mrs. Walter Nystuen, who now lives in Northwood, Iowa.

He married Hannah Hanson of Pekin, North Dakota, in 1910.  They lived in Binford where Mr. Rood was in partnership with H. P. Hammer in the hardware business.  They moved to Pekin in 1911 where he was in partnership with Otto Knapp in a general store.  In 1918 he moved to Sutton where he owned a store with Oliver Hoff.  One year later the store burned down, and the Roods moved to Cooperstown where they managed the Andrews Hotel.  Mr. Rood also sold groceries to farmers, and later on was the night policeman in Cooperstown, and custodian of the high school.  He died in 1937, and his wife died in 1959.

Mr. Rood's descendants are:

1.     Hazel - Mrs. Kenneth J. Leininger of Binford, North Dakota

2.     Blanche - Mrs. Norton Stangeland of Carrington, North Dakota

3.     Elaine - Mrs. William Brosnahan of Seattle, Washington

4.     Milton of Spokane, Washington

5.     Stanley of Seattle, Washington.  Leonard died in 1934.

The following sisters and brothers of Mr. Rood also came to Griggs County in the early 1900's - Tia (Mrs. Earnest Johnson), Tillie, Tena, Carl, Nels and Ole Rood.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 76


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