We share the memories of all the pioneers of this community, those who tilled the soil and those who developed the town, of the many business places that were needed to establish a community on the prairies, all working together for a common cause.

We are grateful for all their efforts and share the memories that have been written and preserved in this book as our heritage.

We gratefully dedicate this book to all who had a part in the forming of our community.

We thank the many people who have shared their histories, pictures, clippings, stories of childhood days and the memories of growing up in Hannaford.

We, the History Committee, are very grateful for all the material received.  We have done our best to preserve these memories in the stories and pictures.  This book is not without error; I'm sure things have been left out, but hope it will still be of interest to all.

We thank all who helped in the making of this book:

The Centennial Committee

Daniel Wogsland

Dennis Ramsey

Sharon Grover

Ernest Johnson

Marian Stone

Kathy Erickson

Lynn Johnson

Orville Ramsey

Neva Hanson

Also thanks to Mae and LeRoy McCallson for the material received and to Chas Romsdal for all the typing.

Source:  Hannaford Area History North Dakota Centennial 1889 - 1989 Page  1


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