As we record the histories of our families as of April 1989, the year of our state's 100th birthday, we will list the names of our people living in the Hannaford School District.  The husband's first name, the wife and her maiden name, and the name of the children at home, or perhaps in college but not married.  In most cases we have listed the husband's name with those of his widow, the occupation of the husband, then the wife's occupation.

Source:  Hannaford Area History North Dakota Centennial 1889 - 1989 Page 70




Robert and Mary Albing

Daniel and Hannah


Dennis and Berniece Annundson


Retired pastor

Algot and Berniece Aalgaard



Reginald and Sarah Almklov

 Don, Nathan and Cory


Carl Anderson


Retired farmer

Mrs. Ruth (Gerald) Olson Anderson


Stri-King Lanes

Miss Minnie Anderson


Retired teacher, nursing home

Hans and Anita Anundson


Retired farmer

Ray and Jeanette (Richardson) Arbuckle


trucking, farming and postmaster

Tom Arbuckle


 trucking and farming

Mrs. Margaret (Oscar) Ashland



James and Tina Averill

Terry, Sarah and Joshua

employed by Larry Gruman

Mrs. Thelma (Lloyd) Campbell



John Bakken



Mark and Marlys (Gronneberg) Brown

Kaare and Kristen


Robert and Karen Brown

Tina, Jill and Craig


W.O. and Lois Brown



Allen and Gail Eslinger

Dustin, Cody and Davis

florist and carpenter, and relief mail carrier

Gary and Barbara (Vincent) Eslinger


Vincent Construction

Edwin J. (Bill) and Cindy Everson

Shawn, Michael, Andrea, Joseph and Francis

Hannaford Elevator

Evelyn Fliflet



Mrs. Sylvia (Julius) Peterson Fliflet



Julius, Jr., and Ann Fliflet

Brian and Cristy

bulk agent

Orville and Maxine Fliflet



Norvall, Neil and Larry Fliflet



Michael and Shirley Fliflet

James, Robert and Jeffrey

Stri-King Lanes and railroad

Jon and Susan Goplin



Mrs. Mandy (Adolph) Grover


nursing home

Milford and Sylvia Gronneberg; retired farmer.


Retired farmer

Lee and Linda (Hook) Gronneberg



John A. and Sharon (Ramsey) Grover

Jason, Janae and Jana

State Highway Dept., and child care

John C. and Pearl Grover, retired.



Joe and Martha (Kuklok) Gruman



Larry and Pamela (Lawrence) Gruman

Julie, Jim and Wade

Farmer and Family Hardware

Jerry and Glenna Gruman

Cynthia, Melissa and Gary


Brad and Nancy Guler

Christopher, Stephanie, Alexander and Travis


Mrs. Neva (Kenneth) Hanson



James and Carol Helmer


Helmer's Co-op

Donald and Donna (Larson) Hankins


Double "D" Bar

Bryan and LuAndrea (Larson) Haugen


Farmer and body shop

Dennis Haugen



Gilmer and Mary Ann (Bjor) Haugen



Sherry Haugen


child care

Robert and Delores (Ramsey) Haugen

Ricky, Julie and Dianne

School cook and Stri-King Lanes

Charles and Martha Heyerdahl


Retired farmer

Marvin and Sharon (Fliflet) Hook


Garage and housekeeping

Mrs. Alma (Marcus) Hook



Michael and Nancy (Randall) Hook


Miller Elevator and Walum Cafe

Terry Hook


Farmers Oil Company, Cooperstown

Ralph and Myrtle (Anderson) Howden



Kevin Jordan



Mrs. Josephine (Watne) Kalland



Paul and Irish Lawrence

Heather and Summer

sheet metal and welder

LeRoy and Mabel (Cederson) McCallson



Mrs. Severina (William) Manke


Mrs. Severina (William) Manke; retired

Larry and Betty Miklas

Michael and Nicole

Grocery Store

Randy and Stephanie Miller


Miller Elevator

Kevin and Rebecca (Haugen) Muncy


farmer and banking

Mrs. Rose E. (Robert) Nelson



Roger and Janice Nelson


Telephone Company

Floyd and Elna (Knutson) Olson


carpenter and post office

Jerry and Mary Olson

Sheila and Derek

school cook, school and bank custodian

Neil and Kay (Haugen) Omdahl

Jessica, Jonathan, Jennifer and Jeremy

Dazey Elevator and teacher's aide

Elgar and Ernestine Paulson


employed by Vernon Johnson and ASC Office

Leslie and Sylvia (Haugen) Peterson


retired farmer

Martin Postle


retired and Family Hardware

Dennis and Sue (Allen) Ramsey

Josh and Katy


Orville and Connie (Bork) Ramsey

Jill, Shanna, Stacey and Collette


Charles and Lou (Almklov) Romsdal



Mrs. Bergetta (Lyle) Rich



Roger and Kathy Rondesvedt


baby sitting and Farmers Oil Company

Harold and Delores (Lolly Haugen) Steinborn



Mrs. August (Emma) Steiner



Bruce and Julie Sedler

Brandon, Steven and Brittany

school superintendent, bus driver

Mike Severson



James and Jody Stockland

Brandi and Chelsey

farmer, 11-144-59

Mrs. Pearl (Ray) Venhuizen



Calvin and Elna Vincent


Vincent Construction

David Vincent

David Vincent

Vincent Construction

Owen and Naomi (Jacobson) Vincent

Nick, Timothy, Heather, Chad and Paul

Vincent Construction

Russell and Dorothy (Benson) Wahl


retired farmer

Mr. Walter Lind


resident, Griggs County Nursing Home


Source:  Hannaford Area History North Dakota Centennial 1889 - 1989 Page 70



Torrey M. and Janet Berge and Betsy; farmer, 29-145-59.

A. Dale and Rose Christenson and Frank; farmer, 36-145-59.

Charles Gruman, Sue, Audra, Karla and Mark; farmer, 33-145-59.

Allen Hetland and Daniel; farmer, 31-145-59.

Ivan and Cindy Oien; employed by Charles Gruman, 33-145-59.

Earl and Colleen Mosholder and Robert; retired, 34-145-59.

James and Janel Retzlaff, Tina and Desiree; farmer, 27-145-59.

Denise Triebold; employed by Charles Gruman, 33-145-59.

Scott and Darla Fliflet, Brady and Sarah Jo; 6-145-59.

Steve and Kelli Nothum, Dustin, Sheila, Amber and Isiah; Sheyenne Tooling.

Source:  Hannaford Area History North Dakota Centennial 1889 - 1989 Page 71



Arthur C. and Joyce Beattie and Curt; farmer, 4-144-60.

Arthur and Irene (Himmerich) Eslinger and Greg; farmer, 6-144-60.

Bruce Eslinger; carpenter, 6-144-60.

Randy Eslinger; farmer, 6-144-60.

Myron and Debbie (Fiebeger) Eslinger, Michael and Philip; farmer, 6-144-60.

K.C. Hanson; farmer, 17-144-60.

Eric and Donelda (Rondesvedt) Heyerdahl, Jeff and Kari Sedler; farmer, 32-144-60.

Gary and Annette Heyerdahl; farmer, 19-144-60.

Donald J. and Lois Larson, farmer, 14-144-60.

Daniel J. and Marla Larson, Patrick and Angela; farmer, 14-144-60.

Kenneth C. Lunn; Griggs County Nursing Home.

Claire (Ouren) Lunn; farmer, 18-144-60.

Marvin and Berthol Messer; farmer, 22-144-60.

Maynard and Charlene Messer, Jason and Jeremy; farmer, 26-144-60.

Mrs. Hilda (Herb) Sonju; 10-144-60.

Mrs. Delia (Gustav) Sonju; 4-144-60.

Walden Sonju; farmer, 4-144-60.

Eugene and Ruth Venhuizen, Robert and Michael; farmer, 31-144-60.

Richard and Karen Wahl, Lucas, Jerrod and Valarie; farmer, 23-144-60.

Lloyd and Robin Zimmerman; farmer, 31-144-60.

Dale and Denise Tweit, Luke and Daniel; pipe-fitter.

Source:  Hannaford Area History North Dakota Centennial 1889 - 1989 Page 71



Clarence (Tony) and Vera Anderson; farmer, 20-144-58.

Lionel and Kathy (Grover) Erickson, Jill and Amy; farmer, 5-144-58.

Mike Geringer, Michael, Brianne and Brandon; Karnak Elevator, 20-144-58.

Eldren and Gerda (Haugen) Haugen; farmer, 18-144-58.

Maurice and Judy Haugen; farmer, 6-144-58.

Bert and Phyllis Johnson; carpenter, 6-144-58.

Richard L. and Marilyn Kerber; farmer, 17-144-58.

Marlin and lyla Lausch, Shirley and Roger; farmer, 31-144-58.

Robert and June Pickar and Ross; Karnak Elevator, 20-144-58.

Neil and Ruth Schmidt, Dallas and Holly; trucker, 4-144-58.

Allen and Margaret Stokka, John, Sylvia and Peter; farmer, 4-144-58.

Stanley and Shirley Stokka and Tracy; retired, 8-144-58.

Source:  Hannaford Area History North Dakota Centennial 1889 - 1989 Page 71



Omar and Darlene Abraham, Melony, Joshua, April and Ashley; Wind-charger Sales, 11-144-61.

Emil Benhart and Rueben Eslinger; farmers, 13-144-61.

Dick and Kathy Wagoner, Michael and Michelle; farmer, 14-144-61.

Source:  Hannaford Area History North Dakota Centennial 1889 - 1989 Page 71



Martin Anderson; retired farmer, 17-144-59.

Gert Anda; housekeeper, 6-144-59.

William and Sheila Anundson, Andrew, Jason and Jeffrey Ringstad; farmer, 20-144-59.

Ronald and Ruth (Benson) Berge, Elizabeth and

Danny; Sheyenne Tooling.

Ronald Berge, Jr.; employed by Dick Wagoner.

Clinton and Eleanor (Lerum) Brown; retired farmer, 8-144-59.

Donald and Carol Campbell, Brett, Crystal and Julie; farmer, 23-144-59.

Gordon and Lucy Christianson; farmer, 2-144-59.

Albert and Loretta (Himmerich) Eslinger; carpenter, 8-144-59.

Calvin and Connie (Johnson) Eslinger, Joshua and Emily Faye; carpenter, 8-144-59.

Leland and Lucinda Eslinger; railroad, 8-144-59.

Sylvia Everson; 33-144-59.

James Everson; farmer, 32-144-59.

Dorothy Everson; Country Corner Cafe, 19-144-59.

Daniel and Brenda Everson, William and Robert; Tweed Seed Farm, 19-144-59.

Mrs. Sylvia (Conrad) Fogderud; retired, 22-144-59.

Harley and Beatrice Fogderud; retired farmer, 10-144-59.

Gilman and Vivian (Skjeret) Goplen; farmer, 22-144-59.

Carl J. L. and Irene Haugen; farmer, 32-144-59.

Gerald and Sandra Hanson, Bryan and Kelly and Christine; school bus driver, 9-144-59.

Dennis Haugen; farmer, 26-144-59.

Eldo and Colleen Haugen, Troy and Lynn; farmer, 13-144-59.

Elverne and Margaret Haugen; farmer and beauty operator, 14-144-59.

Gilbert and Harriet Haugen and Brent; farmer, 14-144-59.

Mrs. Ruth (Ingvard) Haugen; 25-144-59.

Maynard J. and Margaret Haugen and Steven; farmer, 24-144-59.

Mark Haugen; farmer, 24-144-59.

Mervin and Corlyn Haugen and Karla; farmer, Coachman Inn, 24-144-59.

Ralph and Deanne Haugen, Marlin, Marla, Myles, Melody and Mathew; farmer and teacher, 25-144-59.

Ernest and Marian (Everson) Johnson; farmer, 33-144-59.

Roland and Helen Johnson; mail carrier, 32-144-59.

Orville and Agnes Kalvik, Keith and Arland; Sheyenne Tooling, 12-144-59.

Louis Larson; retired farmer, 6-144-59.

Floyd Lende; retired, 2-144-59.

Palmer and Helma Lende; retired, 27-144-59.

Marvin and Delores (Grinager) Linder; farmer, ,Country Corner Cafe, 28-144-59.

Keith Linder; farmer, 28-144-59.

Russell A. and Eloise Nelson and Thomas; retired farmer, 18-144-59.

Leonard P. Seim, farmer, 14-144-59.

Howard W. and Eva Steiner; retired farmer, 18-144-59 .

Lester R. Steiner, Scott; farmer, 7-144-59.

Oscar O. and Inez (Haugen) Stockland; retired farmer, sub-teacher, 11-144-59.

Richard and Evelyn Wogslund; farmer, 29-144-59.

Source:  Hannaford Area History North Dakota Centennial 1889 - 1989 Page 71



Robert and Beverly Campbell, Ryan and Justin; farmer, 34-145-60.

Robert and Monica Clemens and Jeremy; railroad, 35-145-60.

Wayne and Tamra Dahl, Brittany Lee; Bush Elevator.

Alvin and Ruth (Haugen) Dahl and Steven; retired.

Alton and Debbie Dahl, Mathew, Stephanie and Timothy; farmer, 32-145-60.

John P. and Beverly (Haugen) Francis; farmer and Griggs County Nursing Home, 22-145-60.

Peter and Kelly Francis, Anthony and Cassandra; farmer, 28-145-60.

Charles, Jr., and Dianne (Peterson) Hetland, Lynette and Stephanie; farmer, teacher, 27-145-60.

Laurel and Hilda (Eslinger) Palm and Rodney; retired farmer, 33-145-60.

Roy and Ardis (Dahl) Palm, Travis and Brandon; carpenter, 33-145-60.

Alvin T. and Ruth (Knutson) Ramsey; retired farmer, 26-145-60.

Steven Ramsey; farmer, 26-145-60.

Harlan C. and Inger Strand; farmer, 24-145-60.

Myron A. Watne; farmer, 27-145-60.

Mrs. Judith (Roy) Watne, 27-145-60.

Source:  Hannaford Area History North Dakota Centennial 1889 - 1989 Page 72



Eugene and Paulette Gronneberg, Dawn, Darcy and Kristie; farmer, 3G-145-60.

Source:  Hannaford Area History North Dakota Centennial 1889 - 1989 Page 72



Mrs. Ruth (BerLyle) Lunn, 31-145-58.

Source:  Hannaford Area History North Dakota Centennial 1889 - 1989 Page 72



Scott and Laura Gingham, William and Rebecca; Country Corner and Jamestown Hospital. 

Claude and Myrtle (Bakken) Freer; retired. 

Carl Goplen; retired farmer. 

Allen Moore; employed by Jerry Gruman. 

Lloyd and Doris Smith; Miller Elevator Manager. 

Noralf and Bess Tweit; retired. 

Vernon Wogsland; retired farmer. 

Daniel and Debra Wogsland, Amber, Adam and Aric; farmer and Senator from District 23.

Source:  Hannaford Area History North Dakota Centennial 1889 - 1989 Page 72


Harry and Ann Haugen; retired farmer.

John Jonason; retired.

Martin and Dorothy Haugen; retired farmer.

Lynn and Sonja (Overby) Johnson and Britta; farmer.

Richard and Phyllis Johnson; farmer.

Ernsest and Della Johnson; retired farmer.

Steve and Rebecca Peterson, Carolyn and Terry; farmer.

Mrs. Alfred Skjeret, Sr.

Source:  Hannaford Area History North Dakota Centennial 1889 - 1989 Page 73


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