Helena was formed from Old Helena and Pleasant View May 22, 1897, to Helena Township.

Helena school district had four schools in earlier days.  There were more but were screened down to four which were numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4.


Helena No. 1

1897 – 1960

Helena No. 2

1899 – 1962

Helena No. 3

1914 – 1960

Helena No. 4

1897 – 1944





Helena No. 2: January 9, 1899, to June 23, 1899, had 20 students enrolled and the teacher was D. Smithers.

Helena No. 2, was closed and redistricted in 1962, and the pupils were sent to Hannaford School and some were bused to Cooperstown.

Revere, the only town in Helena Township, was a busy little town.  You could go there and buy whatever you needed.  It had a post office, store, two elevators, a hall, lumberyard, bank, blacksmith shop, restaurant and a depot.  It was a prosperous town at one time.  On July 23, 1912, the Great Northern train came through Revere.  That was an exciting time for the people.  In those days you could get on the train in Revere or Hannaford and go to Fargo and shop and come back on the train in the afternoon.  Dances, basket and pie socials were held in the community hall and in later years it was used for Sunday School and church.

A Homemakers Club was formed in part of the township and one part started a birthday club.  We would go to the home of whomever had the birthday and we did whatever they had lined up for us to do - quilting, darning socks, ironing, weeding flower beds.  It was a fun time but that has all gone by the wayside.

Many people have moved out and the buildings stand empty.  Some have been torn down or burned.  There is no store or post office and other places in Revere are no longer occupied.  The Community Hall is still in fair shape and has been used as an election voting place.

At the present time we have approximately 25 families living in Helena Township.

Source:  Hannaford Area History North Dakota Centennial 1889 - 1989 Page  39


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