Douglas A. Wick was born in Bismarck in 1947, within hours of the dedication of the Pioneer Family statue on the Capitol grounds.  His ancestry is true American "melting‑pot', combining documented descents from both the Mayflower Pilgrims and the Royal Family with healthy portions of traditional North Dakota German and Norwegian. 

His North Dakota roots are found primarily in Bismarck, Linton, Monango, Robinson, and Tuttle.  The photograph of Robinson appearing in this book was taken by his paternal grandfather, Carl Wick  (1881‑1960).  Likewise, the photograph of Tuttle was taken by his maternal grandfather, Fred Allan (1881‑1936). 

As a young child the author lived in Montana, but he received his formal education entirely within his native state, earning a degree in accounting from the University of North Dakota.  While at UND he was active in College Republicans, played French horn in the Wind Ensemble, and was a member of the University's bowling team. 

This diversity of interests continued after his academic career.  A born collector, his interests have ranged from rocks to Rolls‑Royce motor cars, and he has been a prolific freelance writer and speaker on a wide variety of subjects. 

He practiced his chosen profession for sixteen years, and now operates Hedemarken Collectibles, an international mail‑order firm specializing in postal history and paper Americana.  He continues to reside in Bismarck with his wife Fran and son Scott. 

Source:  North Dakota Place Names – back dust jacket

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